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100 Subscribers & A Giveaway | CLOSED

100 Subscribers & A Giveaway This is a special video thanking my subscribers & viewers as my channel passed the first milestone I set when I started Youtube. There was also a giveaway, which is now closed. I plan to... Continue Reading →


2 year Anniversary

2 Year Anniversary This is a vlog type video where I talk about the progress of the channel & future projects I have planned.

1 Year Anniversary & 100th Video

1 Year Anniversary & 100th Video This is a special vlog type video thanking all my subscribers/viewers & explaining some thing about my channel as well as my plans for the future.

Halloween Special 2014

Halloween Special 2014 Hello, guys! Dice Rollen here. In this video I’ll talk about some scary games & such. Some you may know & some you may not. Some are from stories, some are from horror movies & some are... Continue Reading →

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