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Here is where certain videos that don’t fit into any other category fall. You may find the occasional tag video, vlog or whatever else that I upload to my channel. Have a look around & enjoy!

The Musical Horror Tag

Here's a my very own tag for horror musicals both on Broadway & on the big screen. If you do this tag don't forget to leave a comment to let me know so I can check it out!


The 10 Cheesy Horror Jokes Tag

Would you like to feel physical & mental pain from some cheesy horror jokes? Well, you're gonna anyway!

Horror Fiend Tag

Let's answer some horror related questions, surprise surprise, with Horror Fiend Reviews's tag! I was tagged by Andrew R. Davis. I tag: ChopBlock The Movie Void After Dark Analysis Wolfman's Got Nards OCD Horror

KweenyTodd’s Werewolf Tag

It's time to answer some werewolf related questions with the tag created by KweenyTodd! Special thanks to Nightmare Maven, Random Horror & P.M.R.Bonez88 for tagging me to do this. I tag: Horror Addicts 52 Weeks of Horror HorrorGal

The Random Horror Question Tag

I was tagged by Random Horror to do this tag he created, so enjoy my opinions on these horror subjects!

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