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Creepy Readings

Four Hours It Stared | A Creepypasta

If you were offered a large sum of money would you spend the night in a creepy building? What if something was staring at you the entire time? Well, whatever you do DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES.



"Psychosis is a symptom or feature of mental illness typically characterized by radical changes in personality, impaired functioning, and a distorted or nonexistent sense of objective reality." This is the story of a man who was cooped up in his... Continue Reading →

6 Chilling Short Stories (Ft. Steven G. Atkins)

Here are six horrifying short stories from reddit to give you the creeps. Check out Steven G. Atkins!

5 True Woods Horror Stories

Woods & forests can be very beautiful & serene places. But that doesn't mean they can't also harbor some truly frightening things. These are five real woods/forest horror stories.

The Seer of Possibilities | A Creepypasta

Jack was an average man with a boring life that wasn't going anywhere. Then the Seer started speaking to him.

3 Horrifying Creepypastas To Keep You Up Tonight

Here are a few short creepypastas to prevent a goodnight's sleep. Including I'm Worried About My Son, Lavender Town Syndrome & The Portraits.

5 Chilling True Gas Station Stories

5 Chilling True Gas Station Stories Gas stations & 24/7 convenience stores can be pretty scary places. Especially if some creepy individual is waiting for you to turn a dark corner so they can murder you. These are five creepy,... Continue Reading →

The Only Solution | An Unsettling Story

The Only Solution In order for a horrific tragedy to be reversed an innocent person must be murdered.

9 Short Valentine’s Day Horror Stories (Ft. Spooky Boo & Horror Retrospective)

Today we celebrate a very powerful emotion. Love. But sometimes love pushes people too far. These are nine short horror stories centered around Valentine's Day. Special thanks to Spooky Boo¬†& Horror Retrospective for helping me create this special creepy stories... Continue Reading →

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