Top 10 Cursed Phone Numbers

Hey, guys! My name is Dice Rollen & today I have a list of creepy numbers. We all know the rule of not picking up if an unrecognized number is calling you, but there seem to be phone numbers that could cause far worse damage if you call them.
So without further ado, these are my top ten phone numbers you should never call.


Carrie’s Number
With the remake of Carrie there was a number that was shown at the end of a trailer for the movie. Supposedly you could call Carrie herself if you dialed the number 1 (207) 404-2604. When you called this number it would immediately hang up & a different number would call you back. According to some people who tried it, this different number would call three time with different results each time. If you picked up the first time you would hear blood curdling screaming. The second time you would hear unsettling singing. And the third time you would be able to hear whispering. The number is said to have been disconnected by now.


Daughter’s Desperate Plea
During a Nine Inch Nails concert a usb stick was found in a restroom. It didn’t seem suspicious at first as it just contained an MP3 named 2332 that was the sound of crickets chirping. But after this clip was put through a spectrograph it was revealed to be a hidden number 12163331810. If you called this number you would hear what seems to be a conversation between a mother & her daughter who was in a dire situation. The daughter tells her mother she’s locked herself in a storage closet & that she’s going to die. You can also hear the sound of gunshots & screaming in the background. Most people believe that this was probably some kind of promotion for the band.


This is a number that doesn’t have a lot of solid information behind it. There are quite a few people who have tried calling this number because they heard it was a scary one. You could hear a number of things if you were to try this yourself. Anything from a male voice repeating the numbers 1, 3 & 7 followed by the sound of a chainsaw or someone saying your name, what you’re doing at the time & that they’re watching you.


The Number of the Beast
This is a number that seems pretty blatantly obvious that you probably shouldn’t call. There are a few variations of this, but they all supposedly will connect you to the devil himself. The numbers 666-666-6666 & 999-9999 have either been called or have called some people. As far as the 666 number is concerned, people have said that they either get text messages or voicemails from it. But it never shows up on their phone bill & whatever message they receive disappears. If you call the 999 number you get to make a wish & it’ll come true. However you’ll die in a mysterious accident sometime after that.


Sadako’s Number
Apparently the girl from The Ring decided to upgrade & got herself a cell phone. According this Japanese legend if you call the number 09044444444 you will hear an odd noise & die in a freak accident seven days after you dial that number. Thus the whole Sadako thing. And another reason why this is a deadly number is because the pronunciation of four in Japanese sounds very similar to the word for death.


Susie’s Dying
There was a number in the 70s that you could call if you lived in the United Kingdom that would give you a very unsettling experience. The people who actually did call this number don’t quite remember it, but some think it’s 20202020. You would have to go to a pay phone & dial this number, then a woman with a monotone voice would answer & repeat either ‘Help me help me Susie’s drowning’ or ‘Help me help me Susie’s dying’. As far as anyone can tell nothing really bad came from calling the number, but it certainly would give you chills.


Boothworld Industries
The number 630-296-7536 is linked to a company that ‘specializes in life remodeling’. If you were to call this number you may get a woman telling you that your number has been traced & your information has been logged. Then you’ll get to speak to a representative shortly to set up a remodeling appointment. After that something may happen. It’s not entirely clear if something bad can happen to you or not as people who have attempted to call this number have experienced different things. But it is creepy to consider what they mean by “life remodeling”.


In Bulgaria the number 0888-888-888 is believed to be cursed. The reason why is because anyone who has had that number dies suddenly. Examples of this are the CEO of the phone company, Vladimir Grashnov, who died of a radioactive poisoning cancer, the second owner Konstantin Dimitrov was shot & the third man killed by this number was Konstantin Dishliev who was also shot. After this the number was suspended from use.


10 Million
The number 10 million has a legend attached to it in Asia. If you call this number a man will answer & tell you that you have to call 15 people & get them to call the same number. Otherwise you will die suddenly. Some people have received a call from this number minus the one at the beginning & usually only hear static. It’s believed that this number belongs to the dead & if you receive a call from it that deceased loved one is trying to reach you.


Red Numbers
Originating in Nigeria in 2004, warning emails were sent out telling people not to call or answer anything from a list of numbers. If you were unfortunate enough to receive a call from one of these numbers it would show up red. And if you for some reason answered you would hear a painfully high-frequency noise that would either cause you to go deaf or kill you from a brain hemorrhage. Many people swear this is true but phone companies deny it.

And that was my list of some phone numbers that would wise to avoid. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a like to let me know. And don’t forget to leave a comment down below tell me about some creepy numbers you’ve called or been called by. Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this!

See ya later!


10 thoughts on “Top 10 Cursed Phone Numbers

  1. So I called the 999,9999 one (the devils number) and it brought me to the police station. I immediately hung up and the police station was able to track the state that I live in down and called from there. I told them what had happened and they left me alone. Don’t call that number!

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  2. A motivating discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you need to write more on this issue, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people do not discuss such topics. To the next! All the best!!

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