Skinwalker is an 2013 RPG Maker game that was based off of the Native American legend of skinwalkers or shapeshifters. It was created by SnowOwl.
In the game you play as Joe who, along with his friends Celeste, Darren & Michael, goes out camping in the middle of nowhere. One night they start hearing a strange noise & as they make their way back to the safety of a nearby cabin they realize there’s something following them. And it can look like whoever it wants. Who’s who? Who’s a threat & who’s a friend?

I found this game to be enjoyable, it’s got the classic sprites representing characters & pixelated style. It’s pretty good at creating a creepy atmosphere & makes you overthink the choices you’re given wondering whether or not you picked “the right one”. I liked the humor of the characters as well.
It’s a short game so you’d be able to sit down & play it in one go if you wanted. There are three different endings & each time you reach one it closes that game so no save mechanic is necessary. It doesn’t feel like an ordeal to go through the start of the game a few times either. There’s not real action or combat scenes, it’s all plot & atmosphere here. There’s no real jumpscares either, even though I was at one point, it relies more on creeping you out with noises & ambiance.

So I recommend playing it especially if you like RPG Maker games.