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Let’s Talk-The Blue Whale

The subject matter of this post & video may be disturbing & triggering to some people.
There are mentions of suicide & self harm.
Reader & viewer discretion advised.

Hey guys! My name is Dice Rollen & today we’re going to talk about this relatively new “game” that’s become a pretty big danger to a lot of teens. It’s a Russian trend called Siniy kit(sin-ee kitt) or Blue Whale. The reason it’s called this is because of the act of whales beaching themselves.

It’s suspected that this game was created in 2013 possibly by former psychology student, Philipp Budeikin, who was expelled from his university. He had created 8 different groups centered around suicide. According to him he wants to make people he deems basically useless commit suicide in order to cleanse society.
The basic concept of the game is for challengers to complete tasks given to them by their ‘masters’ typically everyday. This could be anything from waking up at an odd hour to self mutilation. The game usually ends in the challenger committing suicide.

Several countries have had cases of people playing this “game” & inevitably ending up in the hospital or worse. So far it’s suspected that about 130 deaths have been caused by it.
Two Russian girls are believed to be victims of the Blue Whale game, they jumped off a 14 story building together. Another girl threw herself in front of a train only a short time after posting a picture on her social media account of her in front of the same train.

Someone from RadioFreeEurope actually decided to investigate this game further by creating an account & pretending to be a teen girl. They joined the site VK & began talking to one the “administrators”. They were told that once they start the game there was no way to end it & that they had to complete whatever task was given to them sending a picture as evidence afterwards. They asked what would happen if they decided they didn’t want to play the game anymore & the administrator replied saying that they had their information & “they” would come after them. So they attempted to fool the administrator on their first task of scratching something into their arm by using Photoshop. But the administrator never responded after they sent the photo.

There’s a lot of speculation & rumors about The Blue Whale game & very little solid proof of some possible cases of suicide actually being linked to this game. No one is entirely sure who started all of this to begin with.

It’s honestly kind of hard to tell if this is one of those cases where people join this game & are convinced to do these harmful things to themselves or the people who are taking part in this already are depressed & suicidal & are looking for like-minded people. In any case, it acts as a sort of reminder that we need to keep a look out for groups like The Blue Whale & try to prevent such negative things from happening.

And given the subject of this video I’m going to give a bit of a personal message to you guys watching. If you or even someone you know is having a rough time & they’re really depressed be sure to reach out to them & encourage them to talk about & seek help. If it’s a case where it’s more dire & you or someone else are thinking about suicide then I’m absolutely encouraging you to call a suicide hotline, talk to someone you trust or find help of some kind in a different way. It’s never worth it to end your life & while you likely don’t believe this it does get better. You will be okay.

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