Original VS Sequel-The Woman in Black VS The Woman in Black 2

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The Woman in Black VS The Woman in Black 2

Hey, guys! My name is Dice Rollen & I have another Original VS Sequel review for you. This time I’ll be reviewing The Woman in Black VS The Woman in Black 2. I saw the Woman in Black shortly after it first came out & was pleasantly surprised by how fear & scary elements were handled in the movie. So the question, as always, is does the sequel stack up to the original? And ultimately which is better?

So without further ado, this is my Original VS Sequel review of the Woman in Black VS The Woman in Black 2.

The first film was directed by James Watkins & came out in 2012. It also stars Daniel Radcliffe as the main character, Arthur Kipps, who is widowed lawyer still going through the grief of losing his wife during the birth of his son. Arthur is sent to a remote village, specifically the Eel Marsh House, to sort out the affairs & legal specifications of the deceased owner. However, he starts to realize that things aren’t quite right in the town by how the people living there act around him. Particularly when he mentions where he’s staying.
After he arrives at the decrepit house Arthur begins to experience some odd things including fleeting glimpses at the ghost of its former owner. It doesn’t take very long for the local children to start dying of different causes. But the parents firmly believe that The Woman in Black is to blame & subsequently it’s Arthur’s fault for stirring all this up.

So some of the fathers attempt to drive Arthur away, but this doesn’t work & he continues digging up clues about this mysterious woman that the people are so afraid of. He finds that The Woman in Black, also known as Jennet Humfrye, had a sister who took her son Nathaniel away from her as she was deemed mentally unfit to raise him. However, Arthur also discovers a death certificate that shows Nathaniel died by drowning in the marsh outside the house. Thus Jennet blamed her sister for his death.
Eventually Arthur realizes that his son, Joseph, is The Woman in Black’s next victim as he would be arriving in the town very soon.

So he & Sam Daily literally drag Nathaniel’s body out of the marsh & into the nursery to lure Jennet. This works & they bury Nathaniel with his mother before going to the train station to greet Joseph. Unfortunately for Arthur Jennet isn’t that easily pacified &lures Joseph out in front of the oncoming train. Arthur attempts to save him, but isn’t quick enough as they both are hit. The movie ends with Arthur & Joseph reuniting with Arthur’s wife in the afterlife. While The Woman in Black stares menacingly at the audience.
I think that’s about as close to a ‘happy’ ending as you can get from a horror movie.

The sequel was directed by Tom Harper & was released in 2015.
It takes place in 1941 during World War II. Which forces many children, some orphaned, to leave to a safer place with two caretakers, Eve & Jean. During the train ride we’re also introduced to Harry who is apparently a bomber pilot with the same destination as the group. When they arrive at the village they find that everyone seems to have disappeared. Except for this creepy guy!

So they arrive at the marsh house & it’s been years since anyone has been there. But they seem to have worked out electricity which is nice… Eve has a nightmare & the next day Edward is picked on by a couple boys which leads to the woman in black singling him out to talk to. Then she offs one of the boys that picked on him by means of barbed wire, I guess. Eve takes a walk through the graveyard & spots the woman in black which leads to her experiencing the accident that happened in the marsh by way of hearing it in the fog. Much like Arthur did in the first movie.

Eve & Harry return to the house & take a look around the basement where Eve finds a key & Harry listens to a recording from the woman in black’s sister. Eve then goes to the village & finds that the key goes to a lockbox full of things from the woman in black, otherwise known as Jennett. So technically everything Arthur had gathered up during his visit comes in handy for Eve. And then creepy guy shows up & acts…creepy.
Meanwhile, the woman in black tries to collect kid #2 but Jean finds the girl before that can happen.
Death by yarn is a terrible way to go. Especially if you’re allergic to wool.

Eve & Harry return to Eel Marsh just in time for a bombing & everyone gathers down in the basement. Once again the woman in black pulls another girl away from the group & causes her to suffocate herself in a rather different way than the previous attempt. This convinces Jean that there is indeed something off about the house & Harry takes them to the air base which turns out to be a decoy for the Nazis. So they all spend some time underground until the woman in black decides to taunt them. But there’s an easy way to keep her from making you off yourself & it’s the old if-I-can’t-see-it-it-won’t-hurt-me technique. This works till Jean opens her eyes & promptly freaks the fuck out at the sight of the woman in black herself. Eve gets knocked unconscious & Edward flees outside with Harry chasing after him. Harry gets traumatized by the ghost of the boy who was killed & Edward appears to jump into one of the fire baskets.

The next morning, while everyone’s leaving, Eve figures out that she has to go back to the Eel Marsh House through Edward’s drawing. Once she gets there we’re subjected to more creepiness until she’s locked into the nursery to watch Edward die just like Jennett had with her son.

However Eve breaks through the floor & goes after Edward only for the both of them to be pulled down by what I can only assume are the same zombie things from Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. Harry appears & saves both of them even though he sacrifices himself.
And they all lived happily ever after… Except for Harry & those other kids…

And that was The Woman in Black & The Woman in Black 2. So, which one is better?

In a genre that’s quite literally soaked in blood & gore, it’s refreshing to come across movies that aren’t. Movies that rely more on building an intense & creepy atmosphere rather than cutting characters down with a chainsaw or ripping them apart from the inside. Speaking of characters, they’re pretty damn important in order to make any story work well. Both movies had a protagonist to sympathize with & I thought it was cool to have both a male & female take in the same location & against the same antagonist.
With that being said, both movies had a good plot & good characters. But for The Woman in Black VS The Woman in Black 2, I think the original did a better job in the long run. It was creepier & more suspenseful than the sequel & I believe that a big reason for that is because Arthur Kipps was alone, therefore the audience felt that sense of isolation. In the sequel, no one was really surrounded & they were just as cut off as Arthur was but there was also quite a few of them. Plus the original left us as an audience just as out of sorts & caught off guard as Arthur Kipps was.

And that was my Original VS Sequel review of The Woman in Black VS The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a like to let me know. And don’t forget to leave a comment down below. Which movie do you think is better? And do you have a suggestion for my next review? Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this!
See ya later!


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