Outlast 2 Game

This is a Steam game that I’ve been looking forward to ever since I heard they were making it. It’s a sequel to the popular Outlast & DLC Whistleblower game that’re some of my favorite horror games.

This game was made on the Unreal Engine 3 as a first person, just like the previous two games.
You play as Black Langermann who, with his wife Lynn, are investigative reporters covering the case of a the impossible murder of an unknown pregnant woman. They take a helicopter to the backwoods/desert of Arizona where they crash land. Blake wakes up to find Lynn missing, one of the pilots disemboweled & a seemingly deserted town.

With only a camera you’re left with the choice to run, hide or die.

So, since I finished playing the game all the way through I’ll give you a review on it from my perspective.

As I said I was looking forward to playing this game since I heard there would be another game in the Outlast universe made. I feel like the developers certainly delivered on my expectations of what it would be. I’m glad they chose to use a different setting than the asylum of the previous game & dlc. Even though it’s outside in a rural area it’s still pretty claustrophobic at times. Like when you have to crawl through tight tunnels & caves that threaten to crush you at any second. Plus the threat of murderous locals at your heels the whole while.
I don’t want to give away very much since I feel this is a game you should play for yourself if you have the chance. There are rather surreal & supernatural elements to the plot the further you get into it. There’s still the utter panic & insanity that you expect from an Outlast game. And just like the previous games, everyone wants to kill you in some of the most gruesome & traumatizing ways you could imagine.

The ending leaves some things ambiguous. Will everything be alright for Blake? Or did the world just end as we know it? Who the hell knows!