Hey, guys! My name is Dice Rollen & welcome to my list of some Wikipedia pages that will mess up your whole day. A lot of people, myself included, go to Wikipedia to learn about a variety of different things. There’s a page for just about everything & everyone. But there are some pages that’re best left unknown.
So without further ado here are my top ten most disturbing Wikipedia pages.


Rat King
One thing could pop into your head at the mention of a Rat King. And that is a literal rodent ruler. But that’s not what I’m referring to. A Rat King is what happens when several rats’ tails become entangled by hair, dirt, feces or simply their own tails. However it happens the group of rodents end up stuck together & move as one entity in order to survive. It’s definitely the answer to the question of what could be worse than having a rat in your house?


Boy in the Box
This is a case that happened in Philadelphia in 1957 where a young boy was found in a cardboard box in the woods. He was murdered but no one knows by who. The boy is also known as America’s Unknown Child & his case remains open with no leads or clues so far.



The List of People Who Disappeared Mysteriously
What if you were just minding your own business & for no apparent reason you just disappeared without a trace & no evidence of where you could be found? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a whole list of people that you can learn about on this page. Some of these people you know & some you’ve never heard of. But what they all have in common is that one day they seeming ceased to exist & no one knows why. The list has cases all the way from before the 1800s to the present day.



Overtoun Bridge

This bridge is located in Scotland & was built in 1895. The reason the page about it so disturbing is because of what it’s known for. Apparently since the 1950s several dogs, for whatever unknown reason, jump to their deaths from the bridge. There’s an average of one dog doing this per year. Just to add the bridge’s history, in 1994 Kevin Moy took his infant son & threw him off the bridge because he believed he was the devil incarnate.


Alien Hand Syndrome
This is a real condition that causes a person to lose all control of their hand or hands. Sometimes it’ll appear as though there’s no reason for this at all. But medical professionals documented that cases of this usually happen after surgical procedures in which the person’s brain hemispheres are separated. It can also occur after aneurysms, tumors, infections & other rather severe issues with the brain.



Cotard Delusion
Named after neurologist Jules Cotard, this is a very rare mental illness that causes the individual to believe that they are dead, are missing their blood or internal organs or are slow petrifying. Some people who experience this condition don’t believe that they exist at all.



Post Mortem Photography
This is something that I kind of touched on in a previous top ten list. This form of photography is exactly what it sounds like & was a lot more prevalent than you might think. Since taking pictures with family & friends wasn’t as easy & inexpensive as it is now, grieving families would have photos with or of their deceased loved ones commissioned. Some of this pictures are pretty obviously of someone who was dead, but others you may just pass by without a second thought because they look pretty normal for the time period. But there’s a good way to tell if one or more of the people in the photograph you’re looking at are dead. Back then pictures took a while to actual capture something, so everyone had to be a still as possible. Even then it was impossible for someone to be absolutely still, unless they were dead &were posed to seem like they were still alive.


Coffin Birth
Fair warning, you will be grossed out by this one.
Also known as postmortem fetal extrusion, this is something that very rarely ever happens now. But cases have been reported since the 16th century. The basic idea of this is that a deceased pregnant woman’s body will create gases during the decomposition which will then force the fetus out of the body. This would sometimes occur after the burial of the woman thus inspiring the name.



The Murder of Tim McLean
And here everyone thought Canada was really chill.
In 2008 people on a Greyhound bus witnessed easily the most scarring event in their lives. A 26 year old man named Garnet Caton described what happened saying that he heard a blood-curdling scream behind him & turned to see the man sitting behind him standing up & stabbing McLean with a large knife in the throat repeatedly. The man attacking McLean then decapitated him & dropped his head on the floor before proceeding to cut off parts of the body & eat them. In 2009 McLean’s killer, Vincent Li was detained in a high security mental health facility. And by February of this year, Li was released with no restrictions to live independently…

Well, I’ll sleep like a fucking baby tonight!



H. H. Holmes
Dr. Henry Howard Holmes isn’t someone you’d want to run into. Holmes built a hotel in Chicago that many people called ‘The Castle’ because of the enormous structure that was measured at 162 ft long & 50 ft wide. He would constantly fire & hire new workers in the construction of the building, he justified this by saying that ‘they were doing incompetent work’. However the real reason was because he didn’t want one but himself to know the exact layout of his hotel. Holmes would use this hotel as a sort of twisted playhouse where it’s suspected that he murdered over 200 people, commonly women. There were a variety of different methods in which Holmes used in order to kill his victims. Including suffocation, starvation, hanging & such. Then their bodies would be dissected, skinned & their skeletons & organs sold to medical schools while he cashed in on their life insurance. He was hanged in 1896, but his death wasn’t so quick. Instead he was strangled & only after 20 minutes was he pronounced dead.

And that was my list of ten of the most disturbing pages Wikipedia has to offer. If you’re brave enough you can certainly check them out for yourself.

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