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Let’s Talk-Sad Satan

Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here & today we’re going to be talking about a Deep Web game called Sad Satan. There’s a lot of varying information when it comes to this game, but here’s what I’ve managed to gather.

Sad Satan is a game that was shared on the Deep Web for no apparent reason. The channel Obscure Horror Corner was the first to bring the game experience back to the surface web in 2015. The interesting thing is that Sad Satan isn’t exactly a game. At least not in the traditional sense. When you attempt to play it you find that there are no monsters or enemies to fight, there also doesn’t appear to be an objective. Instead you just walk through a posterized maze with an occasional image or unsettling sound appearing out of no where. The music & such that’s played throughout the game has been rumored to make people ill. Such sounds may include distorted music boxes & screaming, this screaming is not your typical horror game screaming. Instead it sounds very much like it could be the real screams of a tortured individual. Now when I said that there were no monsters or enemies, that doesn’t mean you won’t come into contact with…something. There are what seem to be children in the game who stare at the ground or the player. They really don’t do anything aside from sway a bit. Unnerving words & sentences will also pop up on the player’s screen from time to time.

Now I really don’t recommend you try to download this “game” because nine times out of ten you’re gonna get a virus ridden copy of the original game. Not to mention that whatever copy you may get your hands on will likely have some gore pictures thrown in. As well as possible child porn. And I’m just gonna go out on a limb here & say you probably don’t want to see that. I certainly don’t.

In all honesty I felt like this game was hyped up to be a lot more than it actually was. It’s been advertised, sort of speak, as being illegal & the most disturbing Deep Web game ever. At first glance it really doesn’t seem like it warrants such warnings & fear. But I wanted to dig a little deeper & I wasn’t the only one. Some people speculate that the creator is a felon, thus why they could get the more disturbing pictures used in the game. It’s very possible that this game is meant to reflect some kind of torment involving children. Either the scenario of the murder of a child or abuse by whoever created it.

Something else that’s interesting about the game is it’s audio. Aside from the disturbing noises & broken music, if you listen closely you may be able to notice that there’s speaking hidden by static throughout the game.

Some users were able to take the audio clips of this speaking & edit it so it could be heard more clearly. What they found was the audio was from interviews with serial killers. Even some of the pictures that aren’t disturbing could be linked to a killer. There have been rumors & speculations that the user ZK has a major part in all this. It’s possible that they could be the original creator of the game as they were the one who suggested Obscure Horror Corner upload gameplay of it. They also supposedly provided a link to the true copy of Sad Satan on 4chan.

As a whole, this game really doesn’t seem like much & certainly doesn’t seem all that scary. Until you dig a bit deeper to learn more about it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like anyone’s been able to find the original creator or the reason behind the creation of Sad Satan. But it’s still a very popular subject of discussion among the creepy & Deep Web community.

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