Fight to the Death | Jigsaw VS Hannibal


Jigsaw VS Hannibal

This is a new series I’ll be bringing to my channel in which myself & a guest will take part in a sort of debate. The idea is that I’ll pick a horror or creepypasta icon & they will pick a different icon, then we will each make a list of things about that character in different categories. Finally we will talk about who we believe would win a fight according to their individual characteristics & weapons. The categories include:
Fist Fight

So, with that being said, who do you think would win in a fight? Hannibal or Jigsaw?
And what horror &/or creepypasta icons would you like to see featured in future Fight to the Death episodes?


2 thoughts on “Fight to the Death | Jigsaw VS Hannibal

  1. Hannibal wins a hand-to-hand fight easily. His adversary is a dying cancer patient in his 50s. Even normal Hannibal would win easily, and the TV series Hannibal who seems like basically a martial arts master would demolish that much more.

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