Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of some of the most haunted roads from around the world. Now of course we’ve all heard about haunted houses, castles, antiques & stuff like that. But roads can be places to find ghosts too.
So without further ado, these are my top ten most haunted roads.

The Devil’s Promenade
This Missouri road has been known for some rather interesting activity. Most commonly people have reported seeing what is called the Spook Light, which is a ball of light that hovers in the air & changes color. It’s been captured in photos as well. There’s a Native American legend tied to this orb in which people believe it is the spirit of a native who is searching for their partner.

Shades of Death Road
Well, this one just comes right out & says it doesn’t it?
This New Jersey road is seven miles long & follows along the Jenny Jump State Forest. The forest is said to be the place for murders, a malaria outbreak, wild cats & lynchings. There’s apparently a cabin near Ghost Lake where even more paranormal activity has been reported. So maybe you’ll not only want to take a drive down this road, but stay there too.

Wakehurst Parkway
Located in Australia this road has been known for being a hotspot for everything from murders to body dumping by serial killers. There have also been many tragic accidents here. Some of these accident may very well have been caused by a little girl’s ghost who will appear in your car & force your car off the road if you don’t tell her to leave.

Archer Avenue
Known as one of the most haunted places in Chicago, this road passes Resurrection Cemetery with woods, lakes & other cemeteries along the way. When traveling along it there’s a very good chance that you will come across a woman hitchiker. Her name is Resurrection Mary & she was hit by a car & died on Archer Avenue over 80 years ago. Some other ghosts that may make an appearance are a baby that resides in the Sacred Heart Cemetery, horse riding ghosts & some monks.

Dead Man’s Curve
Located in Ohio, this road is so notorious it’s had a song written about it. Just like in the song the road has been known to take the lives of anyone who isn’t careful driving around it’s sharp turns. One of the most well known cases of this is from the 1960’s when a group of teenagers in an Impala were hit by a another car going 100 miles an hour. There was one survivor of this crash who has reported seeing a shadow figure that hang out around the site of the accident.

The A75
This is a road in Scotland that is 50 miles long with a single vehicle standard. There have been reports of a lot of different things being seen here. Including a variety of animals, unknown creatures, screaming old women & figures missing their eyes. Not surprisingly a lot of paranormal enthusiasts visit this road to see if they can witness anything for themselves & more often than not they do.

Route 2A
If they’d buried all the truckers that’s lost in them woods, there’d be a tombstone every mile.
This is a line from the Dick Curless song “A Tombstone Every Mile” which he wrote after driving on route 2A as a trucker. Curless witnessed first hand the kind of ghostly activity that has been reported from people who travel on this road. Some of such reports would include sightings of a little girl who supposedly was hit by a truck as she crossed the road, a woman looking for help after her & her husband died in a car accident & rumors of truckers who were murdered & buried in the woods.

Bloods Point Road
This road in Illinois is said to be the residence of a witch who was believed to have hung her child & herself from the bridge. Phantom vehicles also haunt the road during the night. The most well known case of tragedy on this road was when a bus full of children drove off the road & onto the train tracks below it. Any children that may have survived the initial crash did not survive the train that then hit the bus. Some people have said that if you stop your car on this bridge the spirits of the children will push it in an attempt to get you safely across the bridge.

The Clinton Road
This road in New Jersey has had several reports of ghost activity. A lot of people who drive along it have encountered otherworldly creatures & headlights that come out of nowhere & follow them at extremely close distances. Other reports of such things as KKK members & Satan worshippers using the woods around the road as well as the presence of druid temples & possible body dumping have been recorded. What’s more is that it’s said if you place a coin in the middle of the Old Boy Bridge at middle the boy who drowned there will toss it back to you.

Tuen Mun Road
This is a very busy road despite all the chilling stories & reports that are tied to it. Located in Hong Kong it’s thought to be one of the most evil roads in the country with the ghosts that haunt it wishing to cause harm to unprepared travelers. Cases of accidents that have been recorded include instances where ghosts appear out of nowhere in front of cars resulting in them swerving to avoid hitting them. There was a lorry that collided with a bus which caused both vehicles to dive off the bridge causing the deaths of over 20 people. And the tires of over 30 busses have blown out & nearly caused severe crashes. All of these busses were from the same company.

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