Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of some of the creepiest things caught on surveillance. This is a rather eclectic group with everything from burglars to aliens. So without further ado, this is my top five creepiest surveillance videos.

Killer Clowns
I’ve already talked about Killer Clowns in last Wednesday’s video, so if you’d like to hear more detail about this then be sure to check that video out. In a nutshell, Killer Clowns are people who dress up in frightening clown costumes & do generally creepy things. In this instance some of these clowns were caught on home surveillance cameras standing on porches. They didn’t really do very much aside from be unnerving as they stared at the cameras menacingly.

Fresno Aliens
In 2007 footage was captured by CCTV of what look like stick figure people walking across a yard in Fresno, California. They are being called Nightcrawlers. When the video was captured the owner was also woken up by his dogs barking. When he went to investigate on his security monitor he saw these beings which he describes as being about 2-3 feet tall. These Nightcrawlers have been seen more than once. The second time was in Yosemite in 2011.

Baby Watching Burglar
In October of 2014 the home of a Houston, Texas couple was broken into by a burglar. Obviously the man was there to steal whatever he deemed valuable, however in the process of doing so he goes into the nursery where the couple’s infant son was sleeping in the crib. The burglar stood there & watched the child for several minutes. Thankfully the baby was completely unharmed & the burglar left only getting away with about $60 & a laptop that he later disposed of in the neighbor’s yard.

Chip-chan is a Korean woman who was first discovered on a thread on 4chan. This is a case where there’s a lot of mystery about the situation. Apparently Chip-chan claims that a corrupt officer who she calls ‘P’ implanted a tracking device into her ankle & is holding her hostage. She has webcams set up in her apartment that show her daily life. She rarely leaves her apartment but when she does she wears a disguise. She doesn’t seem to do very much aside from use her laptop & sleep. Occasionally her webcams will go offline which is suppose to indicate that ‘P’ is visiting. There are people who firmly believe everything that Chip-chan has said, while others believe that she may simply be suffering from a kind of paranoia & even schizophrenia.

Elisa Lam
Elisa was a Canadian student who was staying in the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. She had gone missing in February 2013 & later on in the month she was found dead in one of the hotel’s water tanks. The case surrounding Elisa is very mysterious & difficult to explain. But there is a video from the elevator surveillance system that shows Elisa the day of her disappearance getting into the elevator. In the video she appears to be acting strangely. Some believe that this is because there was someone following her, others think it’s because she was attempting a ritual game which, if performed correctly, opened a door to another plain of existence. In any case this was the last video that showed Elisa alive before she disappeared & before her death.

And that was my list of five of the creepiest surveillance videos. It was just five this time because surprisingly truly scary videos from surveillance cameras are hard to come by. But it’s also because I plan to make an entirely separate list for a different kind of surveillance videos. With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a like to let me know. And don’t forget to leave a comment down below telling me about some disturbing surveillance footage that you’ve seen & if you think any of these videos have another explanation. Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this.
See ya later!