Killer Clowns

Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here & today we’re going to be diving into a new series that I’m going to be making videos for. I’m calling it the Let’s Talk series because these videos will be discussions centered around a particular subject of interest. And as always I strongly encourage you to tell me what you think in the comments, what your perspective on each subject is & whatever else you’d like to say.
With that being said, let’s talk about the Killer Clowns.

Something about this that’s interesting to me is that if I say Killer Clown you’re likely going to have two things pop into your head. One being your typical horror movie killer clown like the Killer Klowns from Outer Space or Pennywise from IT. Or two, the clown costume wearing individuals who terrorized people in several countries this past year.
I’m referring more to the latter.

The basic concept of the killer clowns was that someone would dress as a purposely frightening clown & go around whatever area of their choosing, usually a secluded place, scaring people. This is mostly harmless, unless whoever the clown scares decides to beat them to a pulp, but then you have the people who take it to a different level. Some of these clowns have a violent streak & would cause harm to property or people if those people aren’t fast enough. But in all honesty you’d never know what they would do if you came across one of these clowns. And that’s probably why this whole thing was so scary to so many people. It plays on a common phobia & turns it up a notch or two.

It’s pretty easy to see why people would find this unnerving, especially when they tend to show up on your home security feed in the middle of the night. But where did this start & why? Who’s twisted idea was this?
Well, as for the where, the killer clown epidemic started in South Carolina in August of 2016. Specifically near an apartment complex in Greenville County. Following this there were reports of children saying that some of these clowns had attempted to lure them into the woods. Authorities couldn’t find any of the clowns, however. Most likely because a disfigured clown mask & face paint make for a good disguise.

Weeks after the first sightings, people in Florida started reporting the same sort of clown activity. After that it was Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York & Virginia who had clowns invading their streets…er woods, I guess. Basically the whole United States has had incidents of creepy clowns causing trouble in one way or another.
After all these events, naturally social media sights went nuts. Granted it also led to people taking advantage of other people searching for all things killer clown related. But that’s a different issue.

Interestingly this sort of thing has happened before in California, Florida & England. The one in California was apparently a photo project, the Florida clown known as Wrinkles is actually a clown for hire…if you want to give your child lasting trauma & the clown in England was just a guy who ‘only wanted to make people smile’.
It was even speculated that the more recent encounters were some kind of stunt for the new IT movie coming out. But that’s been denied by not only the film makers but Stephen King himself.

Now the big question is, should we be concerned or legitimately afraid of these clowns? Mmm…no. As a whole, this is a prank. A very elaborate & rather dangerous hoax on the clowns’ part. I feel like the people who have the most to worry about are the people dressing as clowns. Because while we don’t know what they’ll do, we know what we’ll do to protect ourselves & loved ones if necessary. In general a majority of these clowns are just copy cats. After they saw what was happening in North Carolina a bunch of people thought it would be a good idea to slap on a scary mask & terrorize people.

For now it seems like the clown frenzy is dying down & it’ll probably become yet another faze that the internet went through. However there’s a good chance that these clowns will come back. There’s also a good chance that we’ll learn who they are because who can resist this kind of exposure with their 15 seconds of fame?

So just keep an eye out just in case & for the clown fans who may be reading this, be careful & don’t tempt fate. Especially if fate is a home owner with a short fuse & a gun.

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