Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a top ten list that’s a little bit different. This time I have a list of some of the most creative & frightening horror shorts from this year. Now there have been a lot of good ones, but I picked out some of what I think are the best.
So without further ado, here are my picks for the best horror short films of 2016.


Don’t Look Away
Here’s a short that I think is pretty good despite some things that I thought could’ve been better. It was created by Buddy Booth & is about a young woman who’s staying at her boyfriend’s house while he’s away. While she’s there strange things start happening. In all honesty it’s a pretty overused plot device, but it still got me a few times. The other thing that I think took away from the film was the unoriginal jumpscares. When you watch the video for yourself, you’ll see what I mean. But all in all it’s a tense & creepy short.


It Had Pale Skin
Made by Invenire Films & Directed by Chris Ashton, this is a short that plays with the often overused plot point of a girl walking home alone at night. However if you have a phobia of clowns, you may want to avoid this one. Personally I thought it was rather entertaining to watch & didn’t overuse the whole stereotypical scary clown thing as much as they could have.


Riff & Alternate Studio Short
This is an animated short that was made by Riff & Alternate Studio. It’s interesting in that there’s really no dialog. At the start a story is being told to a little girl by her mother, when they hear a noise downstairs. The mother goes to investigate & as you probably already guessed the little girl follows after her. I like the look of the CGI animation in this one, but the reason it made this list is because of the twist ending. While it’s not an entirely original twist, it’s not one that you really see coming because you’re lead to believe it’s going in a different direction.


This is a film from Shooter Productions & was directed by Domonic Smith. It’s about two women driving at night & things take a turn that lead the view on a rather strange trip. What exactly is going on is revealed at the end. I liked the plot & acting of this one since it brought something I’d never really seen before in a horror short.


This is a short from Little Dragon Pictures that was a selection for several film festivals in 2015. It was uploaded to Youtube in August of this year. In the film there’s a young woman who attracts to attention of rather creepy man who then stalks her. Which, as the description of the film says, leaves her with only one way to survive the situation. And how it ends may surprise you.


This short has won eight international awards & was created by Oliver Park. It’s about a young woman living in a flat alone. We find out that she had a room mate who is now deceased. During the short things start to happen that cause the woman to believe that her room mate is there with her. But she’s not alone. I think the camera work, among everything else, is what works best in this film & makes it more of an experience for the viewer.


The Cop Cam
This short was created by the channel No Sleep who specialize in horror shorts. This particular one is very much what it’s title suggests. It gives you a first person perspective of a police officer as they enter what seems to be an abandoned building after receiving a call about a disturbance. But of course it’s not in fact completely abandoned. The point of view is rather unique combined with the setting.


3 Versos
The irony.
This is one that I saw before I even thought of making this list & I was very happy to find that it was uploaded to Youtube in January of this year so it could be on my list. It was directed by Antonio Yee & is a Spanish film with English subtitles. It was shown at Screamfest in 2014, but again I’m going by upload dates. In the story, there are three girls who go to a seer named Margery because they’ve been experiencing paranormal activity. When they arrive at Margery’s house she performs a séance, but things don’t seem to go quite right. If I were to say any more it would reveal the ending, but I think it’s best saved for you to see for yourself.


Vanilla Cake
Written & directed by Crystal Pastis, this is short about a sixteen year old boy having to put up with his mother’s disregard for everything that he wants despite it being his birthday. I really like where this plot went because it makes you believe that you know the resolution of it, but then it throws a twist at you.


Midnight Snack
This is an animation horror short from David Romero. In this story a homeless man finds shelter in an abandoned apartment building & searches for something to eat. He’s completely unaware of what’s lurking inside with him. Along with the plot, what I like most about this one is the different elements in Mr. Romero’s art. It’s almost like a combination of traditional animation & stop motion.

And those were my picks for some of the best horror short films of this year. Now obviously there are a lot of other very good shorts that I didn’t get the chance to put on this list. But you can see some of my honorable mentions on my Patreon page, if you are so inclined. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up to let me know. And don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you thought of these shorts & any others you saw this year. Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this.
See ya later!