Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of some truly bizarre & hard to explain mysteries that happened around Christmas day. For the most part people might expect miracles to happen at such a time, but that’s not always the case. Some times some truly tragic, creepy or even unexplainable things will happen.
So without further ado, here are ten of such bizarre cases.


The True Author of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’

So this is a Christmas story that we’ve all heard since we were kids, but apparently people don’t know who wrote it. Originally it titled ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ & was sent to a New York newspaper anonymously in the 1820s. In 1844 a man named Clement Clarke Moore claimed that he had written the poem. But we’re not so sure he actually did. In 2000 Professor Donald Wayne Foster showed evidence that the author was Henry Livingston Jr. However even with this many people still argue over the true author of the classic Christmas story.


UFO Hotspot

Warminster was known to be an active place for UFO activity from the 1960s to the 1970s. One particular case of such activity happened the morning of Christmas day in 1964. Several people said they experienced noises described as pounding vibrations. Eventually in the following years, residents of Warminster began to actually see flying objects over the town that they still can’t explain.


The Jane Doe of Pleasant Valley Memorial Park

In December of 1996, a woman was found dead in the park on top of a plastic sheet with no form of identification. She had a plastic bag around her head as well. Brandy & valium were found in her system, however no foul play was suspected as she carried a note that read:
‘Deceased by own hand. Prefer no autopsy.’
It was signed ‘Jane Doe’ as it was clear that whoever this woman was, she did not want anyone to know her identity. She had $100 that she wished to be used for her cremation. Even more interesting is what else was found in her possession. She had a cassette tape player with the comedy routine ‘2,000 Year Old Man’ by Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks. And there was a small Christmas tree beside her. The part of the cemetery that she committed suicide in was specifically for infants’ graves.


Tracy Mertens

On December 23, 1994 Tracy Mertens went to her former home after moving with her boyfriend, Joey Kavanagh. While she was there two men forced they’re way in & asked Tracy ‘Where’s Joey?’ She was blindfolded & driven to Eaton where her abductors put her on the steps of a church before dousing her in gasoline. She was then set on fire. However, despite all of this Tracy lived long enough to be taken to the hospital & told detectives what had happened. She died a short time later. Joey was confronted about this, but he explained that he had no idea why anyone would be looking for him or seeking to do such cruel things to his loved ones.


The Children Who Went Up in Smoke

In 1945 in the town of Fayetteville, five children simply disappeared on Christmas Eve. Betty, Jennie, Louis, Martha & Maurice all vanished during a fire that broke out in their home while the Sodder family slept. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding this whole incident. Some people even believe that the fire & missing children were the work of the mafia because the father, George, refused to join them. In any case George & Jennie, along with their other four children were the only ones to make it out of the house. After the events an investigation was ordered into the cause of the fire & if any remains could be found in the wreckage of the house. But nothing to suggest the deaths of the four children was found.


Matilda Rooney

On a farm just outside of Seneca in the year of 1885, there was a very interesting case involving Patrick & Matilda Rooney along with their farmhand, John Larson. They all spent Christmas Eve having a pleasant & quiet time before going to bed. On Christmas morning, Larson found Patrick dead & Matilda missing. He searched the house & found a charred hole in the floor with the remains of a foot beside it. Inside the hole was Matilda, only in the form a pile of ashes. It’s believed that Matilda was the unfortunate victim of spontaneous human combustion & that the temperature of the fire was 1,400 degrees Celsius. Patrick died due to inhalation of the smoke.


Rhonda Hinson

In December of 1981, Rhonda was driving home after celebrating at a company Christmas party. On the way she was shot in the heart by an unknown person. The truly odd thing is that witnesses say there was a man who stood next to Rhonda’s after she had been shot. Rhonda’s parents said that she had been acting very odd during the previous days & hinted at being involved with a married man.


Nikole Betterson

Nikole was the daughter of Jarrett & Susan, in 1977 Susan died in a car accident. Not long after her death Jarrett started dating Barbara. They announced that they were moving & the time Nikole was seen was around Christmas of the same year. A private investigator was hired by relatives & in 1997 Jarrett & Barbara were found in Las Vegas. But not Nikole. Jarrett promised to explain what had happened, but never did since he shot Barbara & himself. Nikole is still missing & it’s debatable on whether or not she even lived long after her father & his girlfriend decided to move.


Kidnapping Santa

In 2001 in Denver, the Merlin family had attended a special Christmas party at a firehouse where a man dressed as Santa was present. At some point during the evening this same Santa was said to have whispered something to one of the Merlin boys. Soon after the Santa left, so did the boy. Neither of them have been seen or heard from since.


Gifts from Santa

In 2007 a small town located in Arkansas had a rather creepy incident with a man dressed as Santa Claus. The man went door to door leaving gifts at about six different homes. Five of these ‘gifts’ were just old & broken toys & other such trash. However the owners of the sixth house got something different. The Fresters received old office papers that meant nothing to them with the exception of a note that said:
‘I’m sorry for whatever happens to your son.’
Two years after they received the note, their twelve year old son Chris was hit by a car. Chris didn’t survive the accident & the car never stopped & was never identified.

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