Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of the creepiest commercials to be aired on tv. To some the commercials that we’re shown inbetween tv shows & sports games are more entertaining than the actual program. But sometimes they’re downright disturbing.
So without further ado, this my list of the top ten creepiest commercials.


Levi’s Evolution
This commercial has a cartoon style to it as it shows these different creatures wearing denim jeans & pants. So, what’s the creepy part? The fact that each of these creatures has a human face, but an animal body.


The Judderman
This is a metz schnapps commercial from 2000 where the whole idea of it is to warn the viewer against this mythical creature called the Judderman. Apparently he dwells in an icy environment & lures victims with his alcohol beverage so he can turn them into puppets & keep them trapped forever. It’s kind of cool artistic wise, but also kinda creepy.


Playstation 3 Baby Doll
This is a commercial that advertised the Playstation 3 when it came out. However unlike most other commercials for products, I don’t actually think Sony wanted us to buy this. Their commercial certainly didn’t inspire me to want to run right out there & pick one up. I honestly don’t know what the point is that they’re trying to get across here.


Kleenex Ogre
This is a Japanese commercial that has some questionable intentions. And by that I mean…why is there a toddler that looks like the love child of a unicorn & an Oompa Loompa in it? In the commercial there’s a woman singing a pleasant song while another woman interacts with said cheeto child. And then she just lets a tissue drift off into the obis. What’s the message of this commercial? I don’t know…

An interesting thing about this commercial is that supposedly it’s cursed or haunted. And if you watch it at a certain time it glitches & gets even creepier.


Kinder Surprise
This is a commercial from the 1980’s for the now banned Kinder candies that held a surprise within a chocolate shell. Now apparently the company thought that the best mascot for the candies would be a flesh muppet version of Humpty Dumpty. It doesn’t even speak any conceivable language, it sounds more like a Sim character.


Freeza Mouth Wash
Obviously this is a mouth wash commercial meant to get the point across that bad breath isn’t very pleasant for people around you. However, the way they went about get this point across has brought a lot of backlash onto them. In the commercial a man is dragged into a sort of chamber where he’s strapped down & locked inside. He is then exposed to several disgusting mouths breathing into the chamber. Parallels between an oppressing dictatorship & the Holocaust have been pointed out.


The Heart, She Holler
Unlike a lot of the other commercials on this list, this is more a bumper. It was shown on Adult Swim in the very early hours of the morning for the series by the same name. For anyone who watches Adult Swim, you already know that a lot of the bumpers that broadcast on the channel are rather weird & unnerving, but this one is exceptionally so. It shows an old woman with long white hair & red lips pulled back to show rotting teeth. If her ghastly form wasn’t enough, for the duration of the commercial she laughs hysterically while blood from her mouth forms the title of the show.


Orkin Terminator
I distinctly remember when these commercials aired on tv, there were a few different ones & everyone of them was unnerving. In these commercials there would always be a pest of some kind whether it was a rodent or a bug. But the problem is that they were fucking huge & they could talk. Of course the main idea was that if you had unwanted guests of this kind you should call Orkin to exterminate them. But I think you’re gonna need a really big can of Raid for that.


Baby Secret
This is a commercial for a Mattel doll that’s meant for girls to tell secrets to. And in return the doll tells them a secret of her own. Now I can’t be the only one who finds those pull string dolls creepy, but what makes this one even creepier is the fact that she whispers each of her pre-recorded phrases. Plus her mouth moves while she talks. I really don’t think it would surprise any of you when I say this doll has caused many nightmares for people. And some have been known to say things that they’re really not suppose to say.


Little Baby’s Ice-Cream
Now obviously this commercial is selling ice-cream, however they went about it the wrong damn way. In the ad we see an apparently genderless individual who is made of ice-cream. And as the narrator describes how great this product will make you feel, the ice-cream being proceeds to eat itself starting at the head. This combined with the cheerful music makes this commercial very unsettling. And I’m not convinced that the ice-cream isn’t in fact made of babies.

And the reason for this one making the number one spot, aside from the obvious, is that there was another commercial made with the same genderless being. And yes, it’s just as disturbing as the first.

And that was my list of ten of the creepiest tv commercials! I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a like to let me know. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below telling me whether or not you agree with my list. And what are some nightmare invoking ads that you’ve seen? Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this.
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