Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of ten pictures with some chilling stories behind them. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, well sometimes a single picture can make you speechless. So without further ado here are ten photos with chilling backstories.


Bombing Miracle
In this photo you can see a father with his young daughter on his shoulders standing next to a red car. There was a bomb in that very same car that went off just seconds after the picture was taken. The photographer & 29 other people in the area were killed. But miraculously the man & child survived.


Tyler Hadley’s Party
Seventeen year old Tyler Hadley decided to throw a party where he invited almost 60 people. This picture was taken during the party…after Tyler had murdered both his parents. Their bodies were still in the house for the duration of the party. A particularly chilling part about this is that after telling his friends about throwing a party, he was questioned about if his parents would come home. To which he replied, ‘They won’t. Trust me’.


Shadows of Hiroshima
These are photos of what’s known as the Shadow People of Hiroshima, or Nuclear Shadows. During the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki many people were killed. And these imprints of their bodies are what was left behind.


Family Photo
Taking a photo in the 19th century took a lot more dedication than it does today. Usually you would have to hold extremely still in order for the photo to come out as clear as possible. But no one can really hold that still for that long…unless they’re dead. This is a photo of a mother & father with their daughter. As you can see the parents are a bit blurry while the daughter is perfectly clear. It was actually a very common thing to take pictures with deceased family members back then.


Lovers’ Suicide
In 2013 a Chinese photographer was attempting to take pictures of the heavy fog at a bridge over looking the Wuhan Yangtze River. In the process of doing this he inadvertently captured a picture of a man jumping from the bridge to his death. Just seconds afterwards as everyone realized what had happened a woman climbed onto the bridge & jumped too.


Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier
This is the photo that was taken after Blanche was found by police locked up for twenty five years. Her well respected family had done this in an effort to stop her from marrying a lawyer. She was never able to recover from the severe malnourishment she endured & died twelve years later.


John Lennon Meets his Assassin
In this photo you can see John Lennon signing his autograph for who he assumed was a fan. However the man asking for the autograph was his soon to be killer, Mark David Chapman. He stayed outside the hotel that Mr. Lennon was staying in until he & his wife returned. He then shot him in the back four times.


Tara Leigh Calico
This is the last known picture of Tara Calico who disappeared near her home in New Mexico in 1988. It was believed that she was kidnapped. This Polaroid was found by a woman in a supermarket parking lot. Tara was never found.


Class of Columbine 1999
This is a picture of the class of Columbine, Colorado in the 1999. Everything about this picture looks completely normal with all the students posing in one way or another. However if you look closer at the two teens in the upper left corner you’ll see them gesturing as though they’re holding guns at the photographer. These teens are Dylan Klebold & Eric Harris, the gunmen of the Columbine shooting.


Jonestown Mass Suicide
In 1978 cult leader, Jim Jones, ordered the mass suicide & murder of 909 people who followed his beliefs. A third of those people were children. This is a photo that was taken after the events of that day & really shows the scale of the tragedy.

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