Top 10 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks

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Top 10 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks

Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of ten of creepiest amusement parks that were abandoned for one reason or another. Theme parks are usually the place you go to just to have fun & hang out & in general have a good time. But when places like that that suppose to bring joy & happiness are abandoned, it creates a very mysterious & eerie feel about them. So without further ado, these are my top ten creepiest abandoned amusement parks.

Disney’s River Country
This is obviously a Disney park in Florida that was opened in 1976. It’s also a place that I’ve talked a bit about before in my Top 10 Disturbing Disney Secrets video.
It’s pretty odd that a franchise as hugely successful as Disney would have a problem with keeping an extension of their park open. Some people believe that something that had a lot to do with it’s closing was gas rationing, but others believe that it was because of a brain eating amoeba that a child contracted while swimming in the waters there.

Joyland Amusement Park
Located in Kansas this park was open for 55 years starting in 1949. The reason for it’s closing was an accident involving a 13 year old girl who fell from the ferris wheel. There was an attempt to reopen it, but a fire halted all of that. One particular reason for this park being on this list is the Whacky Shack…

Takakanonuma Greenland
Located in Japan, this park was opened in 1973 & closed just 2 years later either because of low sales or the deaths that took place there. There’s unfortunately not much known about this park. But there was an attempt to reopened in 1986 which was unsuccessful due to competition from other bigger parks. It’s rather distinct in that there seems to be a perpetual fog that looms over the park.

The Pripyat Amusement Park
This is a Ukraine park that was set to be opened in 1986 but just days before this was the Chernobyl disaster. Since then the park hasn’t really been touched. However it has been featured in movies & games likely because of the kind of imagery it holds.

New Orleans Six Flags
It’s no surprise to anyone that there’s a Six Flags almost everywhere in the US. However this park, which was opened in 2000, was one of the casualties of Hurricane Katrina. So in that way it stands as a eerie reminder of what natural disasters leave behind.

This is a German park built in 1969 & features rusting ferris wheels, a graffiti cover t-rex & sinking swan boats. It closed because of the owner being unable to pay the money he owed. Creep factor level? Cars with faces…

Land of Oz
This is a North Carolina park that opened in 1970 & was designed to bring the actual story of Dorothy to life. There was also a museum that held a collection of authentic props from the movie which was unfortunately destroyed by a fire. But, holy shit, were the tree faces necessary?!

Gulliver’s Kingdom
Located in Japan this park was opened in 1997, one of it’s most prominent features is a giant statue of Gulliver himself after being tied to the ground. It’s not like it looks like a huge body lying there or anything. The park also borders the infamous Suicide Forest as an added eerie factor.

Miracle Strip Amusement Park
Here’s another Florida park that was opened in 1963 & features a few unsettling attractions. Including a squatting a abominable snowman & the Dante’s Inferno ride where you could quite literally crawl down Satan’s throat.

Okpo Land
Located in South Korea it’s unclear when this park opened, but it was closed down in 1999 after several fatal accidents. With the last known incident involving a girl who fell to her death from a ride. In general the appearance of the rides hear combined with the history of the place make a rather disturbing park.

And that was my list of ten of the creepiest abandoned amusement parks. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give a like to let me know. And don’t forget to leave comment down below, do you agree with this list? What are some abandoned amusement parks that send chills up your spine? Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this!
See ya later!



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