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The Conjuring VS The Conjuring 2

Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with an Original VS Sequel review of The Conjuring VS The Conjuring 2. As always I’ll be deciding at the end of the video which one is better. So without further ado, this is my The Conjuring VS The Conjuring 2 review.

Both movies were directed by James Wan with the first being released in 2013 & the sequel having been released just recently this year. They’re supposed to be based on some true cases of Ed & Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigation couple. The original movie starts off with two women talking with the Warrens about a possessed doll that came into their possession. And this doll turns out to be Annabelle from…well Annabelle. It seems like this would make a lot more sense if you watched the Annabelle movie before this one. After this we’re shown that this was a sort of presentation by the Warrens on the supernatural.

Who was there filming that?

And we’re given a short bit of back story on the Warrens with the text page of this movie being based on one of they’re most malevolent cases. And you know what that means! Liberties… Creative liberties as far as the eye can see… It then cuts to a family moving into their new home in Rhode Island. Now let’s see, we have a moody teenager who’s entirely thrilled with moving, a dog that refuses to enter the house, a musical montage of the family settling into the house & one of the kids finds a creepy old music box outside that she then proceeds to bring inside.

We’re off to a good start.

They find a blocked off basement with some old possessions of the previous residents. The next morning the mother finds a bruise on her leg, everyone’s complaining that the house is cold, the clocks stopped at the same time, there’s a dead smell in one of the girl’s rooms & the dog is dead.

Good, great. How far into this movie are we? 16 minutes? Yeah, good…

We visit with the Warrens for a brief moment just to remind us that Annabelle is in their museum & then we go back to the family where everyone’s left the house except for the mother & the youngest daughter. Which is the best time to play their game of Hide & Clap. Nothing could possibly go wrong here…

Not much actually…

So half an hour into the movie we get a decent bit of poltergeist activity with door slamming & child taunting. So the Warrens head out to a house after a priest calls them onto the case. But it’s not the household we’re concerned about. Instead we get to see more bruises, laundry folding & late night clapping. But not like that. On the bright side some portraits are destroyed & the mom goes to investigate. Bad move number one she asks “Who is that?” And then proceeds to go into the basement where she tries to reprimand the spirit who promptly slams her ass down the stairs. The bruises were a warning…

And of course the one light bulbs blows up which leaves her completely in the dark, but luckily the father decided to ignore the matches he had previously set on the stairs. Unfortunately, all of her children deaf & didn’t hear their mother’s blood curdling screams. However the moody teen does hear the banging…of her sister’s head against her wardrobe. Which leads to nice set up for the ghost which decides to attack from above. Thankfully father of the year shows up & runs inside to the rescue after hearing almost every one in the house screaming their heads off. But we cut away from that interesting shit to another lecture the Warrens are giving on demonic possession. This is where we learn about the three stages of demonic activity which are infestation, oppression & possession. Or as I like to call them, IOP. As in IOP in the next hour of this movie the family calls a priest to fumigate the house.

Also, cameo from Lorraine Warren herself!

So the mother asks the Warrens to investigate the house & the Warrens tell them they have an infestation of spirits with a particularly hateful one that’s latched itself onto the family. So they return to their own home & do some research where they find out that a witch had cursed the land & many people who had lived there had eventually died because of that. When then get another musical montage of the Warren group setting up ghost equipment throughout the family’s house. Aside form banging doors not much happens until the next day when the mother gets possessed by the witch’s spirit. That night Lorraine realizes that the mother is being possessed as it was how another mother on the property had killed her son. So the same will probably be true with this family. And the witch also knows about Ed & Lorraine’s daughter through the locket that she gave Lorraine. So the witch starts scaring the shit out of the daughter too. The mother then takes two of her youngest daughters back to the house to try to kill them. But the Warrens & the father arrive in time to stop her & restrain her for an exorcism. Which also apparently summons Alfred Hitchcock’s birds to the residence.

So the exorcism is successful & nobody dies!
Now the sequel starts off with Lorraine Warren explaining the case of the Lutz family in Amityville. Afterwards it’s explained that there was another comparable case in Enfield, England that the Warrens also took on.

Which leads into a musical montage of events that happened in England at the time. And things start off on a good note of many horror movies with two young girls smoking, talking about boys & the exchange of a Ouija board. And just like in pretty much every instance where a spirit board is involved shit starts to happen, but no one really pays attention to it. At the same time the Warrens are on a show with a skeptic. Janet also has a conversation with the spirit that seems to be in the house. And the spirit proceeds to play a fun game of shit your pants with Billy. While the Warrens decide to take a break from cases the activity in the Hodgson residence escalates to furniture rearranging, bed shaking & biting. When the police arrive they too experience paranormal activity & promptly check the fuck out with one of them telling the mother she’ll have a priest visit the house. Meanwhile in the US, the demonic nun that Ed Warren painted earlier shows up in a vision that Lorraine has which causes her to scribble in her bible. The Hodgson family’s story is then broadcast while Janet gets possessed by a spirit named Bill. So a priest goes to the Warrens & tells them about the case. Ed wants to take the case while Lorraine doesn’t because if they keep doing these cases it could lead to Ed’s death. So they end up going to England anyway! While there they manage to get rid of the malevolent Bill spirit. Ed & Lorraine stay in the house with the family & Janet ends up stuck in her bedroom where crosses lining the wall proceed to turn upside down…


After all of this it’s found out that Janet was ‘faking’ the most recent possession episode so everyone leaves. But Ed discovers what Bill has been trying to tell them all along which triggers a vision for Lorraine where Bill explains how they can get rid of the demon. So while the Warrens go back to Hodgson’s Janet gets possessed by the demonic force in the house & kicks everybody out. While breaking into the house Ed & Lorraine are separated so Ed continues forward to save Janet. And despite almost getting impaled like in Lorraine’s vision, they’re able to expel the demon after finding out it’s name from what Lorraine had written in her bible. And everyone lives happily every after, with the mother dying sometime after in the same chair that Bill had… Why didn’t they get rid of that?

So that was the Conjuring & The Conjuring 2. Going into this review I really wasn’t expecting very much from either of these movies despite having heard that the second one was even better than the first. However despite the first one starting off a bit slow & lack luster, I have to saw I did enjoy it. I actually enjoyed both of them. But which one is really better? Since we’re told from the start that both of these movies are based off of the actual cases of Ed & Lorraine Warren we pretty know not to put too much faith in an entirely accurate portrayal of any of it. With that being said on a purely entertainment level, they both do a good job of building up an intense atmosphere without relying too heavily on jumpscares of over the top acting. The actors themselves did a pretty good job for their parts & both plotlines went along well with the actual events of the hauntings. And actually, you know what? Can we just thank James Wan? For creating two, two movies that actually work. That’re actually scary & don’t make you wish you had those 4 hours of your life back. This is what a good haunting movie director looks like! Just take it in cause directors like this are like leprechauns. And also, thank you Mr. Wan for making nuns scary…again. So in Original VS Sequel-The Conjuring VS The Conjuring 2, I’m going to say that the original wins this one. It feels more true & is just a touch more believable than the sequel. But it’s still a close call & in any case I do recommend you see both of these films. You may even want to watch Annabelle first. Maybe…

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