Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here & welcome to Top 10 WTF Horror Movies part 2! This list was requested by SickChemical.

Just like in part 1 I’ve put together a list of ten of the most WTF inducing horror movies in existence. And clearly there are many. So brace yourselves because if you ever want to watch any of these…you may want to be on drugs.

Disclaimer: Dice Rollen does not condone the use of drugs



Ladies & gentlemen, this is what happens when you make an intentionally bad movie…& it turns out to be much worse. This is a 2014 attempt by Jordan Rubin to make fun of zombie horror movies. I say attempt because while a group of 20 somethings vacationing in a swamp infested by zombified beavers should be entertaining…it’s not. Oh & the dog dies…



No! Not the Nicki Minaj one! No, instead we have Jennifer Lopez…& Ice Cube… This is a 1997 movie about a film crew who sets out to make a documentary about a tribe of people in the Amazon rainforest. However they’re basically held hostage by a hunter who’s tracking a giant anaconda. So once again Jon Voight plays a crazy motherfucker.


The Mangler

Now the reason they called it ‘The Mangler’ is because ‘The Killer Laundry Press’ just didn’t hold the same terror. Based on a short story by Stephen King, this is a 1995 South African & Australian film direct by Tobe Hooper. And yes, it’s quite literally about a killer laundry press. But we’re gonna take this a step further & say it’s possessed by a demon. So naturally the characters we see in the movie have to attempt an exorcism on it. In the end it is defeated…only to be rebuilt by the new owner of the laundry business.


Rapid Eye Movement

This is one that SickChemical suggested I check out, so thank you again SickChemical. This is a 2006 film about a struggling author & his fiancee, who is having stress induced nightmares. So naturally the writer uses this to advantage & creates a novel from her nightmares. This seems to work out rather well for him up until the point where his fiancee starts taking drugs for her nightmares. And also…there’s a cooked turkey that comes back to life.



I am about to show you what slugs look like with teeth. So brace yourselves. In this 1988 Spanish American science fiction horror, we have the classic excuse for why anything goes wrong in a horror movie. Toxic waste. This time however what slithers from that are blood thirsty slugs that burrow into their victims. Bonus points for making heads explode in almost the most gory way possible.


Maximum Overdrive

While there have been several movies based off of Stephen King’s books, this was the first one he directed himself. And got him a nomination for Worst Director… It’s a 1986 movie that was inspired by King’s short story ‘Trucks’ & it centers around inanimate objects, mainly mechanical things, coming to life & becoming sentient. And we get to follow a group of people who are trapped in a truck stop while several trucks circle the building willing to kill anyone who steps outside. But my favorite part is the ending where they try to explain why this happened. And what is the twist you ask?


And some people say Mr. King swore never to direct again.



This is a 1990 film about Jeffrey Franken who’s fiancee was killed in a lawnmower accident. So he attempts to put her back together & bring her back to life. This works & she proceeds to rampage through New York City. But he uses ‘parts’ from prostitutes…you see the problem here?


Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror

Yes, apparently Snoop tried his hand at horror. And since it made my list you can be pretty damn sure it didn’t turn out well. Basically this 2006 movie is suppose to be like a Crypt Keeper anthology movie. But with hip hop… There are three stories about people who live in inner-city neighborhoods & how they live their lives dictates what happens to them in the afterlife. Now, I really enjoy horror anthologies. But…holy hell, Snoop stop fucking with this shit.



To a lot of people, myself included, sharks can be terrifying. And a good number of movies have taken advantage of that. But director Anthony C. Ferrante knew he could do more! So what did he do? He took those same blood-thirsty sharks that haunt our dreams & put them in a tornado! This movie is about a cyclone in Los Angeles that’s some how managed to pluck man-eating sharks from the ocean & send them hurtling through the city. We follow a group of people as they attempt to figure why this is happening & how they can stop it while saving themselves. And apparently the solution to stopping this apocalypse of flying sharks is to throw bombs into the tornadoes! And if you’re wondering if I’ll be doing any reviews on this movie & it’s sequels…Nope!


Night of the Lepus

Otherwise known as ‘Rabbits’, this 1972 horror movie was based on the science fiction novel ‘The Year of the Angry Rabbit’. The movie is about a mysterious serum that’s used to try to control the over population of rabbits. But as you might have guessed, the injected rabbit is set loose & proceeds to infect a bunch of other rabbits who turn into oversized, blood thirsting monsters. The creators of the movie used domesticated rabbits, pulling that old put-the-camera-real-close-to-it-&-it-looks-bigger trick, & actors in bunny costumes…

And that was my list of ten of the most WTF horror movies part 2. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a like to let me know. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below, do you agree with my list? And what are some truly horrible horror movies that you’ve seen? Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this!
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