My Paranormal Experiences…So Far

I’m to preface this by saying that I seem to be a pretty sensitive & intuitive person. I’m not a psychic, but I am an empath & clairaudio as well as a bit of some other sixth sense types.

At the same time that doesn’t mean I label every odd thing that happens as paranormal. I’m just a little logical at times. 😉

So now that I’ve explained that, I wanted to tell you guys about the instances in which I’ve experiences something I believe was paranormal.

A few years ago, probably after 2010, I was taking a show while home alone & I heard a woman laugh. It didn’t sound like any laugh of a female I knew & there were no televisions on at the time either.

On Halloween night(into really early November 1st) of 2013 or 2014, I was laying in bed after giving out candy & such. I wasn’t asleep, just resting while I waited for my brother to be done in the bathroom so I could brush my teeth. Both the bathroom & my parent’s room, where my parents were already asleep, are at the other end of the house. All the animals were curled up & asleep as well. I heard the floorboards creaking like they do when someone is coming down the hall. It was pretty quiet & sounded like whoever it was was moving slowly. I didn’t open my eyes because I just thought it was my mom or dad checking on me. But then I didn’t heard any more creaking like I would if whoever was there walked away. So I opened my eyes & looked out into the hall. No one was there. So I checked the rest of the house & found my brother was still in the bathroom & both my parents were still asleep as well as the animals.

On May 3 of this year, I recorded a video for my Top 10 Most Haunted Dolls list. At the time my camera clearly showed it was recording on memory card A(because I had already used up the built in memory for a different video & hadn’t transferred it to my computer yet). When I transferred all the footage to my computer the first video was find for the most part, except for the last little bit of it. And all of the top 10 footage was corrupted/unusable because it only played the first few seconds on repeat. In general, it was glitchy. I had also been dealing with a headache at the time. I guess some of those dolls didn’t like me talking about them.

On June 11 of this year, I was just falling asleep at about 4 am after I finished editing a video. I was letting it render overnight. I had a small USB drive plugged in with the “cap” set on the table beside my laptop. I heard something fall & hit the laptop stand under the table…twice(with a few minutes between each). Skimble, my cat, wasn’t in the room so it wasn’t him. And the cooler wasn’t even on. I woke up later to find the cap on the floor next to the stand.


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