Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of ten of the most unsettling videos that can be found right here on Youtube. Many people joke about finding themselves in the darker corners of this website, but uh…I don’t think they’re joking. In this list I’ll be including short clips of each of these videos so you can see them for yourselves. So without further ado, this is my top ten list of unnerving Youtube videos.


Obey the Walrus

At the beginning of this video we’re greeted with an odd face singing in ? followed by psychodelic style color swirls. Soon enough the singing is sped up & the video delves into the disturbing. The next thing we’re greeted by is a disfigured cross dresser dancing while music is played backwards. The video finishes with a picture of a walrus. Now, while this video alone is considered weird & creepy I want to give you some back story. The individual in the video is a transsexual known as The Goddess Bunny who unfortunately suffers from polio. You can actually find other, far less disturbing, videos involving them online.


Elliot Rodger’s Retribution

This is a guy who took the term crybaby to a whole new level. The last few videos on his channel are of him talking about how unfair his life is because beautiful girls didn’t want to date him. But the reason this video is on this list is because it was the last one he uploaded before he killed 6 people & injured 14 more before killing himself. In the video he states why he planned this attack, to punish women who didn’t want him & the men the women did want.


The Illusion of Bias

This is a video that I honestly can’t explain in very much detail. But it seems to be an artist type piece that delves into one’s psychy. It starts off with some scenery shots while text on the screen asks the viewer some directed questions. We’re then told the story of a girl with a brain tumor who, after the tumor is removed, loses perception of her face. She has dreams that involve a rather disturbing & inhuman voice. When she wakes up she finds that she is horribly disfigured. But it all turns out to be a nightmare. The video ends with text asking the viewer if they appreciate what they already have.


I Feel Fantastic
Well, I feel thoroughly skived out!

In this video we see a robotic woman, named Tara singing ‘I feel fantastic’ in varying pitches. She also seems to repeat ‘please leave’ & the word ‘run’. The video was uploaded from an unknown source, but people who have watched it have a few theories about Tara & the man who filmed this video. The popular story is that the man operating the camera is a serial killer who dresses Tara in his victim’s clothes. There’s even an explanation for the random clip of the backyard. That’s where his victims are buried.
However, the real story behind the video is that a man named John Burgeron had built Tara & had her sing songs he had written & recorded. He would then sell videos like this on Youtube during the site’s early years. You can rest easy, though, since neither John nor Tara appear to be making any more videos.


Real Witch in Saudi Arabia.

This one feels like it could be very easily staged. But I’m going to leave any final judgement up to you. The video shows a mysterious & hunch over figure out in the middle of no where for no apparent reason. After a moment the individual begins to hobble towards the car & the man filming. In response the man tells his friend to back up & not to stop the car. Unfortunately, there’s not much information at all about this video. But what’s rather confusing about this video is that people can & have been executed for the practice of witch craft & sorcery in Saudi Arabia. So why would someone risk such a punishment to make a prank style video?


Olivier de Sagazan.

This is a video that seems to be a type of audition tape with a man, who we can only assume, is Olivier himself. Everything starts out very calm & normal until he removes his clothing & begins layering clay onto himself. He seems to transform himself into an unnatural creature while he makes odd noises. He also paints the clay & at one point cuts open a mouth to complete…whatever look he was going for here.



This seems like a pretty innocence video at first, it’s just some old & granted rather creepy looking guy dancing & lip syncing to ‘Pretty Woman’. For copyright reasons I can’t actually play a full clip for you guys. But while you watch the video, something feels…off about it. Here’s why, Ederam otherwise known as Edward Robert Muscare here is a registered sex offender & pedophile. He use to host a late night show in Kansas under the stage name Uncle Ed. Part of his parole was that he couldn’t use the internet, so after police discovered this video he was put back in jail. You may be asking yourself, how could this be any creepier? Well five years later, he died from lung cancer while serving time in prison. So this is quite literally a video of a dead sexual predictor lip syncing to an eerily or ill fitting song.


Horton Mine Nevada.

This video was uploaded by the owner of the Exploring Abandoned Mines channel. His channel is dedicated entirely to exactly what you think. Exploration of abandoned mines. However this particular exploration gave him more than even he bargained for. Upon entering the Horton Mine, Frank mentions a sort of presence that he feels. Further along into the mine there are chains hanging from the ceiling. One of which seems to swing in an unexplainable manner. Being a smart man, Frank leaves. But he does decide to return the following year for a more indepth investigation. As he approaches the end of the tunnel he feels a blast of cold air as well as heard what seems to be a radio. Now, something that should be noted is Frank doesn’t seek out the paranormal in any of his explorations. So it adds to the legitimacy of the video.


There is Nothing
Now this is a disturbing video.

Here we see a very inhuman looking woman saying something indecipherable while flames dance around outside the window behind her. She then proceeds to face plant right into her bowl of…well, whatever’s in that bowl… Then the clip reverses & the gibberish she had just spoken makes a lot more sense. Apparently, there’s an explanation for this one. This was created by film maker David B. Earl with the intention of it to convey there being nothing after life based on his own personal paradoxal desire of such… So thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Earl.


11B X 1371

This video originally appeared on Youtube on May 9, 2015. The title & description were made entirely of binary code which, when translated, read ‘Death’ & ‘You’ve got one year less’. It was apparently filmed in an abandoned building & stars someone wearing a plague doctor’s outfit. It seems to have a purpose though, since it’s filled with hidden messages & riddles in one form or another. Something else interesting about it is that a dvd of the video had been sent to Johny Krobitchla from Gadgetzz.com later that year. Many people have attempted to solve the mysterious of this odd video. And quite a few have been successful in decoding & discovering certain things. For example, the background noise can be put through an audio spectogram & the sentence ‘You are already dead’ as well as images of torture presumably from a movie can be seen. Honestly this video is very involved & other people have gone very indepth in the investigation of it. So be sure to check those out as well.

And that was list of some nightmare provoking videos. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a like to let me know! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below telling me about some of the weird videos you’ve come across in your Youtube ventures. Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this!
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