Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of ten of the most disturbing channels here on Youtube. In my search for ten of the most disturbing videos on Youtube I came across entire channels full of scary shit. Now some of them are intentionally odd & unnerving while others just can’t help it.
So without further ado, here are ten of the scariest Youtube channels!


Benjamin Bennett
There are over 200 videos on Benjamin’s channel that are all the same type of thing. Him sitting on the floor & smiling at the camera for four hours straight. And if that doesn’t show his dedication to…whatever he’s trying to achieve here, then the fact that he didn’t even flinch when someone broke into his home during one of his recording sessions does. Benjamin hasn’t explained why he makes these videos, but maybe he will in the future. While his videos really aren’t very scary, I can’t be the only one who find someone just staring at them through their computer screen unnerving.


Larry Carlson
The videos uploaded to this channel seem to be hypnosis in style. Other videos, however, are not. But two of such videos are titled Owl Fight & Wolf Master. Just be warned that if you have any problems with flashing lights & images you definitely shouldn’t watch these videos. Apparently Larry’s goal is make his videos as trippy as possible…I think he’s achieved that.


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared
I’m sure that pretty much everyone has heard about this channel at least a handful of time. Or maybe you’re even subscribed to it. It almost looks like a kid-friendly channel at first glance with the colorful puppets & such. But knowing people expect the gruesome & unnerving content that is created by it’s owners. Each video that’s uploaded deals with social issues, so far religion, love & technology are some of the things that have been covered. Honestly I think the creators of this channel are rather creative & unique in their video making process. And if you’d like to support them, then check out their channel & kickstarter.


Shaye St. John
Now this is a channel that has been talked about quite a lot. In fact you usually can’t talk about disturbing videos or Youtube channels without this one coming up. And for good reason. The whole story behind this channel is it tells the story of a disfigured model who pieced together a body for herself using old mannequin parts. The channel was created by Eric Forneair who unfortunately died.


Lynn Ann
Now when I say scary this channel is a rather good example of one type of scary. The woman who created this channel uploaded vlog-like videos to it where she talked about some of her custom made things. All of them had pictures of the Columbine killer Eric Harris on them. Apparently she’s something of a fan girl of him & believes that he was doing good work in his killing. She would even post comments mocking the victims of the Columbine school shooting. What was interesting is that in my research of these channels I found that all the videos on her channel were either deleted or marked as private because none could be viewed.


The creator of this channel is also the one who created the video for Username 666 which supposedly showed what you would see if you found the channel of user 666 back in 2008. Today their channel consists of eerie, almost artistic style videos, usually with a jumpscare thrown in for no apparent reason. Recently they have uploaded videos that are more like diaries involving their ants & worms, but even these videos have jumpscares in them.


This channel uploads very odd animation videos. Quite a few are Jimmy Neutron centered it seems… It doesn’t seem like these videos make a hell of a lot of sense, but then what channel on this list has? It doesn’t seem as though the creator is making any new videos, but if you want to take a trip to a very weird place then check out this channel.


On this channel you’ll find a lot of low quality animations usually involving Thomas the Tank Engine & My Little Pony characters. The most unsettling video that he has created is based off of the Creepypasta Squidward’s Suicide. The story itself is creepy enough, but combined with Andy’s animation, it’s even creepier.


David Firth
This channel is owned by a British animator who creates very unnerving animations & cartoons. The most well known video of his is called Salad Fingers which is about a sickly green character who lives in a sort of apocalyptic world collecting rusty objects. While not every video on his channel is disturbing, there are other cartoons that are guaranteed to be just as disturbing as they look from the thumbnails.


This is another channel known for it’s nightmare provoking animations. Every video that can be found on this channel will likely make you feel like you’re on some sort of drug induced trip. So if you are high…don’t visit this channel. The creator of the channel even got the attention of Adult Swim as they used some of such animations as bumpers between episodes. The most disturbing video on his channel is titled Something. Which contains old, black & white footage that has been edited in such a way that will certainly cause trauma.

And that was my list of some of the scariest channels here on Youtube! I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a like to let me know. Don’t forget to leave comment down below, do you agree with the channels on this list? And what are some creepy channel you’ve come across? Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this!

See ya later!