Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of some real cases of people being possessed by demons. Whether or not you believe in demons & malevolent spirits these are still very unnerving cases. So without further ado these are ten cases of real demonic possessions!


Bobby Jindal

As the governor of Louisiana I’m sure there are a lot of good qualifications on Mr. Jindal’s resume…but one would most likely outshine the others. In 1990 during his university years, he wrote an article about his experience in exorcising a demon from a fellow student. The students, Susan, had collapsed to the floor & seemed to have a seizure. With the help of other students who had been present Jindal proceeded to command the demon to leave Susan’s body. After a bit Susan woke up from the experience appearing to be totally fine.


Robert the Doll
Eugene Otto was the original owner of the infamous Robert doll. He would often talk to the doll while alone in his room with it, that’s not entirely unusual for a child. But the fact that Robert would respond is. Eugene kept Robert with him throughout his life, only leaving the doll behind when he died. Robert haunted the house & all those who attempted to live there, even going so far as to have an otherworldly hold over certain people. He was eventually donated to Fort East Martello museum where you can visit him today.


Elizabeth Knap
Before the Salem Witch Trials in 1671, there was the case of a young servant in the house of Reverend Samuel Willard. She complained of pains throughout her body as well as the sensation of being strangled. She would also speak in a demonic voice without even opening her mouth, convulse & scream for long periods of time. Apparently she had made a pact with the devil in order to obtain certain things she wanted. It’s unknown as to what exactly happened to Elizabeth.


George Lukins
This case took place in the 1778 with George supposedly being possessed by not one, not two but seven demons at once. Not only that but these demons could only be removed by seven different priests. A concerned friend asked for the help of a priest when George’s mental & physical health deteriorated over time. He would have seizures, growl at people around him, & he would often claim to be the devil himself. Seven priests were gathered & performed exorcists on George while he cycled through all seven of the demons who had control over his body. Eventually it was recorded that the exorcisms were successful.


Son of Sam
Otherwise known as David Berkowitz, murdered 6 known people for a year starting in 1976. The reason possession is even brought up is because of a note he had left at one of his murder scenes. In the note he mentioned his father named ‘Sam’ who apparently drank blood & would command him to ‘go out & kill’. Now here’s the interesting little twist, Sam was the name of the demon who possessed Berkowitz’s neighbor’s dog.
So according to him you should keep an eye on your neighbors’ pets cause any one of them could be blood thirsty little shits.


This is one of the more recent cases of demonic possession in 2008 involving a woman under that name ‘Julia’ who was evaluated by psychiatrist Richard Gallagher. A bishop had requested this after Julia claimed she was possessed. At random times she would appear to go into a trance before bursting into a rage shouting profanities at Gallagher & the bishop, objects would also fall from shelves in the room. But just as quickly as it would start, it would stop & Julia would be completely normal again with no memory of what happened. It was decided that an exorcism would be performed. During the exorcism the Gallagher recorded that the room was unbelievably cold despite the fact that it was a hot day outside. However later on during the exorcism, an almost unbearable heat seemed to emit from Julia. Many voices & sounds came from Julia as well, including noises that were described as being impossible for any human to make. She spoke in languages such as Latin & Spanish even though she didn’t know them. She seemed to possess super human strength & levitated about a foot in the air.


Clara Germana Cele
In 1906, a sixteen year old Christian girl named Clara made a pact with the devil. She was able to speak & comprehend Polish, German & French. She also had knowledge of very intimate details about the people around her despite having never known them before, she could levitate straight up & had been known to throw people clear across a room. Two priests performed a two day long exorcism on Clara during which over 170 people saw her ability to levitate several feet. Eventually it was believed that the demons possessing Clara had been successfully removed.


Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor & his wife, Christine, were a very religious couple. But weren’t without their problems. Michael’s wife had apparently accused him of having an affair with their’s church’s prayer group leader. After she confronted them about it, they both denied it & Michael began to act very odd. His erratic behavior got so bad that he eventually went to a priest convinced he was possessed. In 1974, an over 24 hour exorcism ensued & 40 demons were removed from Michael, however the priest warned him that he couldn’t remove one. This demon turned out to be particularly sinister as Michael killed his wife as soon as he returned home. He removed her face, eyes & tongue. My question is what did their poodle do to deserve being killed too?


Anneliese Michel
I’ve spoken a bit about Anneliese before in my Top 10 Creepiest Recorded Audio video. The most unfortunate part about this case is that Anneliese suffered from mental illnesses including epilepsy. She had been treated for such before but at the age of 20 she began to have negative responses towards all religious items. She also began to hear voices, see devils & drink her own urine. It was Bishop Stangl who determined that Anneliese was possessed & began performing exorcisms on her. Over the duration of ten months a total of 70 exorcisms were performed. Eventually, she died due to malnutrition from refusing to eat & her parents stopping treatment of her mental illnesses. Anneliese’s possession was so infamous that Hollywood took it upon themselves to create the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose based on her story. And if you want to hear audio from one of the exorcisms of Anneliese then be sure to check out my video on the Top 10 Creepiest Recorded Audio.


Roland Doe
This is the name given to a boy in order to protect his identity. And it’s a good thing it was since his story inspired the horror classic The Exorcist. Roland’s aunt had given him a ouji board before she died & in turn he used it to try to communicate with her because he missed her so much. Proving once again that it’s never a good idea to use a “devil board”, Roland inadvertedly opened a door that allowed demons to come through. Shortly after Roland’s family noticed strange noises & items moving on their own. After consulting their pastor, it was determined that an exorcism was necessary for Roland. He was taken to a hospital where he had to be restrained, but even with that he was able to tear out of the restraints & rip a spring from his mattress which he used to cut open the arm of the priest performing the exorcist. Successfully stopping the exorcism, Roland was taken to a relative’s house. While there two priests took on the arguous task of continuing the exorcism of Roland. After over 24 attempts, Roland let out a terrifying cry & the entire psychiatric wing of the hospital they were in filled with a sulfuric smell signaling their success.

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