Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of ten of the creepiest Cabbage Patch Kids in existence. Dolls have been used in different ways in horror movies before, like Chucky. But there are some cases where real dolls have caused very real hauntings & even curses. So without further ado, this is my list of ten of the most haunted dolls!


This is a unique haunted doll in that she never harms anyone or does anything truly negative. Instead she moves objects, whispers, hides candles in the oven & other objects in odd places. One of her owners, named John, said that she once told him ‘Make it you’ which he believed meant good luck. It’s said that each of her previous owners put their own spirits into her. It’s believed that there are 3 ghosts who haunt the doll & take turns controlling her.


This is a doll that has never really had a permanent home. She has been sold repeatedly on Ebay for years. Apparently, if she liked you she would leave you alone & cause you no harm. But if she didn’t like you or she was tired of you, she would move around the house or even leave scratches on you. Now, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


Emilia was a gift to the daughter of the Captain of the Royal Guard from the King of Italy himself. The doll miraculously survived World War 1 & 2 & despite being a bit worse for wear she was always found & rescued. People who have been in her presence have reported seeing her blink or hearing her voice box call for momma even though her voice box doesn’t work at all.


This felt doll was given to her only owner in the 1920’s. Her owner kept her through her entire life until she died in 2005. She had told her grandchildren how Pupa seemed to be alive & how she was able to talk to the doll. The new owners of Pupa have reported that the doll is very active & that she moves & taps the glass of her case, one person has even seen her stand & walk around. They often find child-like writing in steam on the glass of her case that says ‘Pupa hate’.


Mandy is an over 90 year old, German, porcelain doll that was donated to the Quesnel Museum in Canada. The former owner of her reported hearing crying coming from the basement where she had kept Mandy. Employees of the museum have said that Mandy tends to hide random items including their lunches. She also has to be kept separate from other dolls otherwise she ends up damaging them. Her eyes will follow you & she even blinked, you may even hear footsteps when no one else is around. It’s hard to get a good picture of the doll since she seems to cause photographic equipment to malfunction or for the photos to just appear unclear or corrupted.


What if you knew that if you had a son, he would die? Well, that’s exactly the case for the owners of Joliet. This is a doll that’s haunted & cursed. The doll has been handed down to the daughter of it’s owner for 4 generations. Each woman had two children. A girl & a boy. And each boy died 3 days after being born. Despite this apparent curse, the doll has been cared for & kept in the family. Most likely because distinct infant cries are known to come from Joliet. And the current owner of the doll has said that she hears 4 different cries, one for each son that was lost.


Robert the Doll
Robert has already appeared on one of my previous lists about possessions. So be sure to check out that video here. Robert was a gift from a Bahamian servant to Robert Eugene Otto. The servant had strong ties with black magic & voodoo which played very heavily into everything that Robert is infamous for. While in Eugene’s possession he would often talk to the doll & the doll would respond. Eugene would also say that Robert was to blame when something bad happened. He even hid from Robert claiming to be terrified of what use to be his best friend. Even the family’s neighbors witnessed unnerving things, such as Robert moving on his own from window to window. Robert is currently in Keywest, Florida where you can visit him in the East Martello Museum. But something you should know is you must ask permission before taking his picture or using your phone. Otherwise your visit won’t be so fun.


Haunted Harold
Originally this doll was listed on Ebay with the paranormal experiences that his owner had. After two days of owning Harold, the man started to have horrible headaches, his girlfriend left him & his cat died. After being told to burn the doll he found that it was impossible since Harold just would not catch on fire. Harold has been known to cause many terrible accidents & paranormal activity. Something that is for certain is that you should never mock or taunt Harold, because even if you feel that you’re safe he can still make you ill.


This is a doll that is so infamous that a movie was made based off the story of it. But of course we know that Hollywood tends to blow things out of proportion all the time. However in this case, the real story behind this rag doll is much worse than the movie. She was bought in 1970 as a birthday present, it didn’t take long for Annabelle to start acting out. She would move around the woman’s apartment & leave messages on parchment paper despite there not being any such paper around. Now when she took the doll to a medium she was told that it was haunted by a seven year old girl. That wasn’t true. After contacting famous demonologist, the Warrens, they revealed that Annabelle was possessed by a very dangerous demon. The Warrens took Annabelle with them & experienced a lot of car trouble on their way home. Even when they successfully brought the doll to their home, she would escape from where ever she was placed. Padlocked or not. Finally a special case was built just for Annabelle to keep her contained. If you visit the Warrens’ collection of haunted & cursed items you will find a sign on the case reading ‘Warning-Positively do not open. And you should never taunt her, otherwise a little glass case won’t be enough to stop her from making something truly terrible happen to you.


Doll Island
What could possibly be more creepy than a doll possessed by a demon? A whole island full of them. Okay, so the dolls that are on the island aren’t possessed by demons. However they are thought to be possessed by a little girl who drowned there. Don Julio Santa Ferraira was the caretaker of the island & the one who found the girl. After the incident he start collecting & hanging dolls from trees as a way to honor the girl’s life. But he also did this because he was attempting to appease her spirit which he was sure was haunting him. Now, even Don haunts these dolls as he had died in 2001 reportedly in the same spot where the little girl had drowned.

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