Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of some secrets that Disney doesn’t want you to know about. The Disney company has created & encouraged childhood memories from several decades. Even with that, everyone who’s seen Disney’s movies knows there’s some pretty dark shit in there. But what you may not know is Disney in real life is just a disturbing. Apparently Mickey has stories he doesn’t want to be told.
So without further ado, these are ten of the darkest secrets from ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.


It’s quite obvious that a theme in almost every Disney movie is that the main character or characters don’t have a mother. Either the mother is already dead before the movie even starts or she’s called off shortly after. There are theories as to why this is, but the most popular one is that Walt Disney’s own mother was killed in a carbon manoxide accident in the house he had bought for his parents. Since Mr. Disney blamed himself, he dealt with his grief by killing of the mothers of his characters!


They’re Real
The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is a favorite among many people who go to the park. However an unsettling fact about it is that the skeletal pirate remains scattered through out it were real. This was before the movies, of course, & lead many people to believe the ride was haunted. But I’m sure by now they’ve all been replaced with fake bones…right?


Ashes to Ashes
Many people who visit Disney parks tend to enjoy themselves quite a bit, some enjoy themselves so much that they was to stay there…forever. People have been known to scatter the ashes of deceased loved ones at certain rides. The most popular rides being the Haunted Mansion & the Pirates of the Caribbean.


Abandoned Parks
Even though Disney is hugely successful there are cases in which attempts at new parks had to be abandoned. And since abandoned places aren’t creepy enough, the reasons for such are just a little unnerving. River Country was a water park that opened in 1976 next to Discovery Island. Both are shut down but can still be accessed if you’re brave enough. Things that you can see there are old photos & snake specimens preserved in jars. Why did they close down? Some people think it was because of a lack of interest in the parks…& others think it was because of a brain-eating amoebae found in the water after it killed a boy there.


War Cartoons
Disney had actually made cartoons to support America during times if war. Some of them were also released to the public. However there were some that focused on Nazi fundamentals which had us see Donald Duck wearing a Nazi uniform complete with a swastika.


Lemming Mass Suicide
In Disney’s White Wilderness there is a particular segment that educates about lemmings. That’s cool end all up until the point where it’s shown that these furry little things will leap off a cliff to prevent overpopulation…except that’s a lie. Yes, apparently crew filming the educational movie decided to push some helpless little buggers off a cliff for the kiddies!


Not Part of the Show
In 1974, a new attraction called America Sings opened in the park. The big feature of the attractions was the rotating platforms of animatronic characters who would entertain the audience. Shortly after it’s grand opening, an 18 year old named Debbie Stone got caught between the rotating walls & was crushed to death. The audience had no idea what had happened & thought the screaming they heard was all part of the ride.


Free Ride Gone Wrong
In 1966, a 19 year old named Thomas Guy Cleveland attempted to sneak into the Disney theme park by running along the monorail track. The security guard yelled at him to get off of the track, but was unfortunately too late as the train hit Thomas. It drug him over 30 feet before it stopped & the guard was tasked with removing Thomas’s body…with a water hose.
The lesson here is, don’t try to sneak into theme parks. Cause they’ll kill you!


Sex Offenders
You would think that in a place where hundreds of thousands of child are expected to be present, that Disney would ensure their safety… Well, over 35 sex offenders being arrested in the Florida park alone say otherwise. But don’t worry, Disney stands by it’s claim that they do extensive research on their employees to ensure the complete safety of visitors & their children…


It’s a Small World
Whether or not this one is real is still arguable, but all the same it’s pretty chilling. In 1999 the ride It’s a Small World After All was abruptly stopped & all the lights were turned on as employees rushed to get visitors out. Without really thinking a woman who had been on the ride at the time snapped some photos to empty the roll. Later she discovered the probable cause for the ride’s sudden end. What appears to be a small child can be seen hanging from the beams above the ride. In some tellings of this rumor it’s said the child committed suicide, in others it’s said the child had run off & their death was accidental.

And that was my top ten list of some of the most disturbing Disney secrets. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a like to let me know! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below telling me about some scarring event that happened at a Disney park. Also don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this!
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