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[REC] VS [REC] 2, 3 & 4

Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with another ‘Original versus Sequel’ review. However, this time it’s going to be the original versus three sequels. And I’ll be picking which one I think is best out of the four of them. This review was requested by Andreas. I decided to include the fourth one because, why not?
So, thanks Andreas for your request!
Now without further ado this is my original versus sequels review of REC versus REC 2, 3 & 4.

The REC movies are a Spanish take on the whole found footage genre of horror movies. With the first having been released in 2007, which was co-written & directed by Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza. The first movie starts out the introduction of Angela & her cameraman Pablo as they cover the night shift of a Barcelona firestation. However when the station gets a call to an apartment building, that’s where things get interesting. Turns out some of the residents of the building are infected with some kind of virus that turns them into overly aggressive & hard to kill zombies. My favorite kind…

The entire building in quarantined which means no one can be let out. This is where we learn that zombies & close quarters don’t mix. As with most zombie movies, a majority of the people get bitten & infected pretty quick which eventually dwindles the group of survivors down to just Angela, Pablo & one of the firefighters they had been riding along with. In their search for a way out, it‘s decided that the penthouse is the best place to go since they were told no one really lives there. They find out, however, that that seems to have been a lie since the apartment was used for research & experimentation in the very virus they’re trying to escape from. Oh & also demonic possession…I guess.

Now, REC 2 picks up basically right where the first movie left off. Only this time we’re seeing from the perspective a SWAT team member as they go into the apartment building in search of something specific. Under the orders of Dr. Owen from Ministry of Health they’re looking for a blood sample from a girl who was the first to be infected…or possessed technically. Why? Because the Vatican said so. Turns out Dr. Own is something much worse than a health inspector. He’s a priest!…I’ll be over here…

But after finding the sample one of the officers drops it after it explodes into flames at the sight of a cross. So they have to find the girl Tristana, who now looks like this by the way…in case you forgot this nightmare you’ll be having tonight. And just to compound the problem, three teens sneak into the building after a firefighter & the father of the infected girl from the first movie. The group make their way to the apartment where the girl should be but instead find the infected mother. Which leads to a rather creative way to kill…well anything, especially a zombie. So, long story short. The father gets perforated & thrown down the stairs, which by the way out of all the people in these films…I really don’t think he deserved that! One of the teens gets bitten & Owen interrogates him to find out where Tristana is. Oh & Angela’s alive! Apparently, Tristana can only be seen in the dark. Since Angela & Pablo had only seen her using the night vision of the camera in the first movie. So they all go back up to the penthouse & use night vision to find the hidden room where Tristana is. While searching they find a tub of water, which I’m sure is full of thing worse than demonic possession! And the chief is dragged in leaving just Angela, Own & Rosso. After Angela blows Tristana’s head off with a shotgun Owen gets pissed off because that was their only chance to get a blood sample. He refused to authorize them to leave so Angela proceeds to beat the shit out of him & shoot Rosso. It‘s then revealed that Tristana passed the demonic tapeworm to Angela. She ends up killing Owen & impersonating him in order to get herself out of the building.

After all that, how could they continue this story?…With a wedding? Yeah, a wedding is exactly how the third film starts off. This lovely couple are getting married & everything is all happy & joyful until the uncle arrives! In the first film it was mentioned that the dog of the little girl was at the vet. The dog was infected & ended up attacking people at the vet. This guy was one of those people. So in a way this is also a bit of a prequel. The festivities continue, but the groom’s cousin notices the police & hazmat wearing individuals arrive. The uncle also starts coughing up blood…yeah, don’t mind that…
But the party ends when the uncle crashes it. And starts infecting people while other already infected people disperse the crowd separating the bride & groom. Why is it always the uncle who has to ruin the wedding? The rest of the movie is pretty much the bride & groom trying to reunite while their family members are killed off every few seconds. But also, point for badass bride with a chainsaw!
The bride makes her way through some underground tunnels while the groom fights his infected uncle in the kitchen. Can I just say this is the goofiest zombified relative I’ve ever seen. Almost makes me feel sorry for him when he’s killed. Nah…not really…
Eventually, bride & groom are reunited & thanks to the priest reciting bible versus over the PA they’re able to make their way outside. Where the bride is bitten & the groom has to chop her arm off. They find that, much like the apartment building, the whole place has been quarantined. And despite the whole dismembering thing, the bride still gets infected.

Now in the fourth & final installation of this series we see the military has finally decided to do something smart. Blow the motherfucker up! While there they find Angela & they leave the building. When Angela wakes up she finds a doctor testing her for any signs of the infection. Other survivors we meet are an elderly lady who is only one who survived the events of the third movie, Guzman & Lucas. After Angela had a brief moment of ‘get me the fuck out of here’ we also meet Captain Ortega, who owns the ship they’re on, & stereotypical nerdy guy Nick. Fun fact, the captain is literally a few days away from retirement…

Later during a blackout a infected monkey that had been used as a test subject escapes & bites the cook of the ship. And if you didn’t trust someone else cooking you’re food before, you certainly won’t now! Because everyone who ate the food is now infected. Guzman & Lucas arm themselves with knives & start taking out some of the infected. Meanwhile, the doctors see the footage of Tristana passing the parasite to Angela & decide to play operation. Angela escapes & proves she’s not infected by biting Ricarte & having his scan his blood. Turns out Angela is right & Guzman is carrying the parasite which Angela had passed to him when he rescued her. Angela & Nick then manage to escape with a lifeboat taken from Ricarte & a boat motor before the ship explodes.

So the overall lesson here is…don’t go to Barcelona & get infected by a parasitic demon zombie slug.

Okay, so what I didn’t like about the third & fourth movies is how 3 started off with the same found footage feel of the first two but then dropped it. And 4 didn’t even have that. Giving the audience what feels like an intimate perspective into the story of the movie really helped to form bonds with the characters. But I feel like they lost that with 3 & 4. On the other hand each installment of the series gave us a new branch of the same story in a creative way.

So I have to say in REC versus 2, 3 & 4 the over all winners are the original & the second sequel. Because while the first set up the whole thing & introduces important characters, the second went further with it & gave us more without making it seem forced. But I would recommend that you guys watch these movies if you haven’t already because they are pretty interesting & cool films to watch with the lights off.

So thank you again, Andreas for the request to review these movies & if you have a request or suggestion for a future Original VS Sequel review then leave it in the comments down below. Also if you enjoyed this video give it a like to let me know, don’t forget to share this video to help the channel grow & subscribe for more videos like this!
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