Mad Father Game

Here is another RPG Maker game that I have completed(for the most part). I quite enjoyed myself while playing it because of the original plot & interesting characters it has.

In the game you play as Aya, who is an 11 year old girl. Her mother died of an illness which left her with just her father who seems to be conducting some very questionable experiments in the dungeon of their mansion. On the anniversary of her mother’s death, Aya’s father goes missing & re-animated corpses are roaming the halls. Now Aya has to find a way to rescue her father while avoiding becoming the next victim because of his experiments.

Now when I say “for the most part” when referring to completing the game, I mean I got 3 out of the 4 endings. All the bad ones. But I couldn’t get the good/true ending because for some reason a necessary item was missing. Maybe I did something wrong in the storyline or maybe it’s a glitch. In any case, there’s not truly happy ending to this game since in any ending it doesn’t give Aya a perfectly happy resolution. But that’s good. Towards the end of the story she learns the real nature of her father & why sometimes it’s best not to save the only biological family you have left.