Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here

In this video I wanted to talk about some things that I’ve learned from horror movies. Granted that these are usually completely fictional scenarios, like a series of supernatural tornadoes that carry hundreds of over grown sharks… But none the less I’ve picked some lessons that could come in very handy in life threatening situations. Especially if you do find yourself in a horror film.

Number 1

Don’t stand near windows
Number one, don’t stand near or in front of windows. Whenever I’m watching something pertaining to horror or suspense, as soon as I see a character step in front of a window I know they’re going to be dead in the next few seconds. It’s never a good idea to do this. Even if that glass is bullet proof the killer is going to get your ass.

Number 2

Don’t split up
Number two, don’t split up…like ever. This is not Scooby Doo, it won’t end well. My reaction to a group splitting up is similar to the window scenario. When someone in the group says the group should split up, I’m usually like: They’re dead! Even if it takes you longer to find whatever the hell it is you need, stay together. If you split off into smaller groups or just one person then the killer is going to pick you off one by one. You’re making it easier for them really.

Number 3

Don’t have sex
Number three, don’t have sex. Now I’m not saying that you can never ever have sex. I’m just saying that if you’re out camping somewhere in some cursed woods with a bad history…it’s a good idea to forgo such activities. Especially if some attractive person comes out of no where & just wants to have sex with you. Ever heard of what a female praying mantis does after sex?

Number 4

Never trust a dead killer
Number four, never trust a dead killer. If you’re fortunate enough to stab or otherwise kill the killer never turn your back on them. It’s a very simple rule, if they act & look dead & you think they’re dead. They’re not dead. Even if they were dead before you were even born. They will find a way to come back & kill you.

Number 5

Don’t mess with the curse
Number five, don’t mess with the curse. If someone tells you that there’s something or some place that has a curse or something on it. Don’t go there, don’t touch it, don’t do shit with it. To do otherwise is stupid. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard at least one character in a horror movie who overheard something involving a curse & said. Let’s go check it our or that’s bullshit I’ll prove it to you.

Number 6

Stay away from college kids
Number six, stay away from college kids. Even if you’re not in a horror movie scenario it’s not always a great idea to be hanging out with a bunch of rowdy college kids. But typically in horror movies college kids are like a juicy buffet to a killer. So if a group of college kids comes up to you asking if you want to go up to a cabin or something over the weekend. Just say no.

Number 7

Beware the quiet ones
Number seven, beware the quiet ones. Almost everywhere you go, especially in school. You’re going to find a quiet & usually bullied kid. Firstly don’t make their life any worse than it already is. If anything you should try to help them & even befriend them. That way when they finally do snap & their killer psychic abilities surface they won’t kill your ass first. It is never a good idea to piss them off. Never.

Number 8

Don’t be blond
Number eight, don’t be blond. I’m going to get hate for this…This is something that can’t always be avoided. But mostly I’m talking about being blond…mentally. You know like borderline brain damage blond. Killers just seem to have a need to kill any blond they see.

Number 9

Dead friend=you’re next
Number nine, dead friend equals you’re next. If something’s up & you go to investigate & find one of your friends is dead. Get the hell out of there! Don’t stand there looking shocked & horrified. Yes, it’s horrible but you need to leave dude. The killer can’t be that far away & it’s possible your friend there’s a trap for you.

Number 10

If you survive, it’s not over
Number ten, if you survive it’s not over. If you miraculously are able to survive there’s going to be a sequel. And you’re going to be the main target. Better start learning some tactical warfare shit.

With all this said one very important thing to remember is don’t tempt shit. If something seems off or there’s a curse or anything negative at all don’t taunt it. Oh, & carry a fucking weapon!

So that was my list of important things I’ve learned from horror movies. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did please like, comment, share & subscribe.

See ya later.