Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of some of the most disturbing kid’s toys that have ever been manufactured. So if you’re looking for the perfect toy to buy for your child…avoid everything on this list!
So without further ado, these are my top 13 disturbing toys.


Look Alike Dolls.
These are dolls, usually made by American Girl, that are meant to look exactly like the girls who own them. And they’re kinda creepy because of how closely they can resemble a living person, but simultaneously look so soulless.


Hugo, Man of 1000 Faces.
This is a doll from the 70s that was made by Kenner toy company. It’s actually rather life-like & since you can change his appearance it adds a weird twist to his creepiness factor.
If you give him a goatee he’d look just like Howie Mandel.


You Can Shave the Baby.
Do I really need to point out what’s disturbing about this? Apparently her, yes her, name is Molly. And she was created by Zbigniew Libera in 1995, but she was never sold to the public. Libera made her & some other “toys” as a play on stereotypes contemporary culture. But…honestly, that doesn’t make it less disturbing. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not shave a doll’s ass…or any other part of her.


A very popular Tiger Electronic toy during the early 2000s, this furry ball of satan shit can & has haunted nightmares around the world. I’ve actually read quite a few stories from people who own one of these things mentioning how it had a mind of it’s own. One of the more disturbing of such stories being a Furby who’s batteries had been removed coming to life & talking in the middle of the night.


Face Bank.
It’s good to teach your kids to save money, but the only thing this shit’s gonna encourage is childhood trauma.
Made in Japan, this motion detecting bank “literally” eats your money…cause that’s appealing.


Musical Jolly Chimp.
There’s a reason this thing is used as a scare tactic in movies. This is a 1950s toy that’s not just annoying, it’s fucking creepy. And it only gets creepier the older it gets. I honestly don’t know why any child would want this thing.


Big Loo Robot.
Manufactured by Luis Marx & Company in 1963 this robot truly is the stuff of nightmares. Just imagine this face staring at you from the corner of your room at night. This is not kid friendly!


Baby Laugh-A-Lot.
A Remco toy made in 1971, it’s really not that hard to tell why it’s on my list. Seriously, listen to this thing laugh. What’s even worse is when the batteries get low. You’ll be convinced that Reagan made it into your house.


The Kaba Kick.
Russian Roulette for kids! No, I’m serious, that’s what this is. A Japan made toy, though brightly colored, really isn’t as fun as it may look. Kids play with the toy by pointing the plastic gun at their head & pulling the trigger. If the child lost, a pair of feet come out of the barrel & kick them in the head.


Roadkill Cat.
Another “toy” from Japan, this is a depiction of a cat that’s obviously been run over. Created by Shintaro Kago, I really wouldn’t recommend giving this to anyone…especially if they have a cat. And if you ever see this in someone’s toy collection you should probably leave.


Baby in a Microwave.

Must’ve been that same company that made that cat toy…


Japanese Pregnancy Doll.
Granted this wasn’t a child’s toy, it’s still a doll therefore it made the list. It was made in 18th & 19th centuries mostly to teach midwives how to deliver babies. It was also used in sideshow attractions. Cause who wouldn’t want to see that?!


Baby’s First Baby.
Again, this is one of toys that wasn’t actually sold to the public. And it’s a very good thing it wasn’t. It was created by Darren Cullen to mock how we basically train girls for motherhood at a very young age. With that being said…ech…

And that was my list of some of the most disturbing toys out there. If you liked this video then give a like, share it, leave a comment down below & don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this.
See ya later!