Top 10 WTF Horror Movies

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Top 10 WTF Horror Movies

In the history of cinematic creation there have always been bad movies. And as long as M. Knight Shyamalan & Michael Bay continue to direct movies there will always be bad movies. I mean like…REALLY bad. I have searched the deepest & grimiest recesses of the internet in search of some of the worst, most what the fuck provoking horror movies of all time. The kind of cinematic disasters that Shyamalan & Bay could only dream of. Why were these films allowed to exist & why? Why can’t I decide whether I should laugh or cry? Ladies & gentlemen, I have seen some shit. And now, so will you.

Hey guys, Dice Rollen here!

I’ve made a list of my picks for the top worst horror movies. And when I say worst, I mean the type of movies that cause your brain to leave your body & question what it just witnessed. I’m going to try to focus on movies that were suppose to be taken…somewhat seriously. So without further a due, here’s my top ten WTF horror movies.


Gingerdead Man VS Evil Bong.

The reason this movie, cheesy & bizarre as it is, ranks last is because it was technically meant to be funny & not taken seriously. This 2013 film is a crossover from the two separate Gingerdead Man & Evil Bong ‘franchises’. The original demonic cookie has come back for revenge on Sarah here, so she decides to seek help from Larnell who just so happens to have a talking bong. It’s a match made in horror comedy hell! So Gingerdead Man & Eebee the Bong end up duking it out on the Bong World. I hear that’s where the writers spent most of their time during the movie.


Slaughterhouse Rock.

This 1987 movie is centered around a college student named Alex who’s been having nightmares of the deaths of an Alcatraz killer’s victims. Alex’s friends’ become increasingly worried when these nightmares become a reality. So his occultist teacher tells him he has to go to he prison & confront the murderous ghost… Well, I don’t know about you but that seems like the only logical solution! Alex & his friends get stranded on the island & are forced to destroy the ghost & end the curse.


Monster Dog.

A film from 1984 starring Alice Cooper, what could go wrong? Cooper plays the role of Vince Raven who’s traveling back to his childhood home to shoot a music video. But on the way there he & his crew learn there’s a Monster Dog on the loose that’s killing people. Oh & his father was also killed there because the townspeople thought he was a werewolf… Sounds like the perfect getaway spot. After shit hit’s the fan & wild dogs attack, they decide it wasn’t such a good idea to film a music video here & try to escape.



This movie is a 1987 movie that later got remade in 1997 under the title Hybrid. It’s set 6 years after a nuclear war which resulted in an apocalyptic version of 1998. We follow a group of deserters who take shelter from acid rain in an abandoned laboratory. And yes, you guessed it. They’re not alone!



Speaking of post apocalyptic nuclear fallouts, this 1984 movie is kind of similar to Creepozoids. It’s set in the year 2230 which is 215 years after the surface of the world was destroyed. Let’s do the math on that real quick here.

2230 – 215 = 2015 …Shit.

The movie centers around some motorcycle riding scavengers searching a deserted town for food. Unfortunately they get swarmed by flesh-eating rats & are forced to work together in order to try to survive. People from the 80’s didn’t have a very bright outlook on the future did they?


Rawhead Rex.

Hey, kids! How would you like to see a monster of biblical proportions tear apart the Irish countryside? Well, too bad! You’re getting this instead. This is a 1986 movie about a monster-like pagan god who is unintentionally summoned to life & goes on a killing spree. Which leaves our main hero no other choice but to find a religious artifact that will save the world. Fun fact, Rawhead Rex is an old Irish pagan name that means Jim Henson reject.


Ax ‘Em.

Made 1992, this movie shows a group of teens who go to a remote cabin in the woods for the weekend. Cause that’s never a bad idea. Turns out a childhood friend of the teens, who they previously thought was dead, has plans to murder them all.


Rock N’ Roll Nightmare.

Well, at least they’re being honest. This is a 1987 movie about a band called Triton who travel to a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere to record some music. But when band members start turning into demons it’s up to lead singer Jon-Mikl Thor to wage battle against hell itself.


Troll 2.

Whoa whoa whoa! Now I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is she thinking? This is one of the most popular bad horror movies! And it’s not number 1 on her list?! Let me explain. Like I said this is one of those absolutely horrible horror movies that’s so bad it’s good. At least to some people. You can’t look at anybody’s bad horror movie list without seeing this one pop up. Which of course means you’ve probably already heard all about it in it’s infamy. However, I believe I’ve found a movie that’s even worse than Troll 2.


Death Bed: The Bed that Eats.

This 1977 George Barry movie is the only film he ever made…I wonder why. As the title says, the monster of this movie is a demonic bed that eats whoever lays on it. It’s just that simple. Here’s what else is simple: Not laying on the fucking bed!

So that was my top ten list of WTF horror movies. Thanks so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed it & if you did help me out by giving it a thumbs up, sharing it with a friend & subscribe for more top ten lists & much more. Don’t forget to leave me a comment down below too. Have you seen these movies before or is this the first time you’re hearing of them? What’re some of the worst horror movies you’ve seen?

See ya later!


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