Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of urban legends. Urban legends were & continue to be disturbing & creepy stories that are told among friends. Kind of like campfire stories to scare kids. But what’s even creepier is that sometimes these stories are true. So without further ado here is my top 10 list of urban legends!


Sewer Rats
You always hear those rumors about alligators in the sewers, especially if you live in New York. But there was an instance of a four legged creature crawling up the pipes. There have actually been quite a few stories from people who actually saw a rat appear in their toilet because it climb up into it. One such man didn’t even know it was there till it bit him in the ass.
So look before you pop a squat.


Kidney Thief
Here’s an urban legend that I’m sure everybody has heard. But in case you haven’t, this is how it goes. A man gets roofied at a bar by a woman who takes him back to her place. He passed out & by the time he wakes up he’s in a bathtub full of ice & missing his kidney. And it gets better, since situations like this actually happen. Healthy kidneys fetch a pretty penny on the black market. So don’t go drinking in a foreign country.


Buzzing in your Ear
Most people will tell you they don’t like creepy crawly things. And here’s a good reason to like them even less. After a trip to Peru a woman started to get headaches & heard scratching inside her head. Turns out flesh eating maggots had nested deep inside her ear canal.


Dead or Alive
This is a story about someone riding on a bus who everyone ignores until the bus driver & this passenger are the only two left on the bus. When the bus driver goes to ask them to get off the bus believing they had passed out, it turns out the passenger is dead. Now anyone who rides the bus or subway regularly knows this can be a regular occurrence.


Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn on the Light
Speaking of death! This is an urban legend about two girls who are roommates in college. One of them is sleeping in their dorm while the other is studying. The one girl goes to their dorm to retrieve a book & asks her roommate if she can turn on a light since she’s having trouble finding it. But she only gets heavy breathing in response. She eventually finds the book she needs & leaves. The next day after not seeing her roommate in class she goes to the dorm only to find the girl brutally murdered. With writing on the wall that says, ‘Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?’


Dead in Bed
Talk about ruining a vacation. Here is a story about a couple staying at a motel for the night & complaining about a foul odor in the room. The next morning with staff investigated the source of the smell they found the decomposing body of a woman stuffed in the bed. This has actually happened in many different places multiple times.


Evil Elevator
You know how elevator doors will recognize when there’s someone or something in the way & stop closing? Some don’t. For instance there are some real cases of people getting caught by elevator doors & are cut in half or decapitated. I feel sorry for the people stuck in that elevator ride.


Buried Alive
There have been lots of stories & even movies about people being buried alive. But it used to happen a lot. So much in fact that they use to tie a cord around the toe of the ‘deceased’ that was attached to a bell above ground so that if they woke up someone might hear them. In more recent years, there are still stories about people being deemed dead only to wake up in their own coffin…without a bell.


Botched Surgery
What if you went in for a minor surgery & woke to find you were missing a limb? Well, this has actually happened. There was a psychotic man who became a profession doctor just so he could maim his patients in brutal ways. Where ever he went he left a trail of disfigured people until eventually he killed himself.


Unknown Roommate
You when you get that feeling that someone’s watching you? You might just be right. There is a story about a man who was constantly finding belongs misplaced & food missing from his house even though he lived there alone. He had a surveillance system set up & found that a homeless woman had been living in his cupboard & would sneak out when he wasn’t around to take food. The fun thing about this is while he was watching the surveillance video, the cupboard was just a few feet away.

So that was top ten list of urban legends. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a like to let me know. Don’t forget to leave a comment & help the channel grow by sharing & subscribing for more videos like this.

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