Top 10 Haunted Paintings

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Top 10 Haunted Paintings

Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a list of some of the most haunted paintings. Some of these paintings may have been created with good intentions, but they turned out to be a nightmare for those who owned them. So without further ado, this is my top 10 list of haunted paintings!


Dead Mother
Otherwise known as Death & the Child this painting was made by Edvard Munch. Just by itself it’s a bit unnerving considering that it depicts a little girl before her dead mother. The reason it’s on this list is because it’s been known to haunt the dreams of those who have seen it in art galleries.


Portrait of Delphine Lalaurie
It was painted by Ricardo Pustanio. Madame Delphine’s back story is disturbing just by itself. Owners of the original painting have reported echoing voices, the smell of smoke, items being moved or going missed & footsteps around the house. It has been reported by at least one owner that the painting’s eyes followed her.


Portrait of Bernardo de Galvez
The painting’s eyes have been known to follow visitors around. Those who approach the painting get a chill & an uneasy feeling. You also can’t take a picture of the portrait with Bernardo’s permission, otherwise you won’t get a clear picture of it.


Portrait of Marie Laveau
The painting of the voodoo queen has been said to not photograph well. Those who view her painting feel as though her eyes stare through them. People have also said that after viewing the painting they are haunted by her in their dreams. Tour guides have told tourists to visit the painting by themselves because they don’t want to be responsible for any supernatural events that may happen to those who see it.


Velvet Elvis
The owner of this painting has said that when she leaves her house the painting is resting against her couch instead of hanging on the wall where she left it. She took it off the wall once & returned home to find it hanging back up where it had been. Her burglar alarm system has told her that it hasn’t been shut off, the alarm hasn’t sounded & the beams haven’t been broken in her absence.


Clown Paintings
These clowns are painted by Lisa Lee Harp Waugh. Clowns are creepy & even terrifying to a lot of people. However these paintings have been reported by viewers to cause fast heart palpitations, dizziness, the feeling of being choked, derealization & a whole list of symptoms.


Pogo the Clown
Once again this is one of those paintings with an unnerving backstory. The painting was created by John Wayne Gacy Jr. infamous serial killer & rapist. Musician Nikki Stone once had one of these paintings, it didn’t take very long for him to get rid of it though. Because after he got it his dog died & his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Actor Johnny Depp acquired one as well, but got rid of his as well after he developed a pathological fear of clown & was in general weirded out by it. Overall owners of one of Gacy’s paintings have experienced such things as car accidents & suicide.


The Anguished Man
This is a rather interesting painting due to the fact that you can see videos of the haunting caused by it right here on Youtube. The owner has reported loud bangs, the painting falling over & his son & father have fallen down the stairs a short time after the painting was brought into the home.


The Hands Resist Him
Created by Bill Stoneham, this painting almost seems to be straight out of a horror movie. Viewers of the painting claim to experience blackouts, violently ill & many other paranormal events.


The Crying Boy
Owners of this painting have experienced mysterious house fires, in all of which the painting was the only thing that was untouched. It’s been said that the Spanish painter created the painting of an orphan. Afterwards the painter’s studio was burnt to the ground & the boy was killed in a car crash. Unlike some haunted paintings the curse seems to apply to all copies of it.

And that was my list of 10 of the most haunted paintings. Thank you for watching this video, if you enjoyed it leave a like to let me know. Don’t forget to leave a comment, share & subscribe for more videos like this.

Thanks again & see ya later!


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