Hey, guys. Dice Rollen here with a list of some of the most pants-shittingly-scary attractions. These are some very extreme experiences that, frankly, make me question the sanity of those who enjoy them so thoroughly. So without further ado, this is my top 10 list of the most extreme attractions out there.


Alone: An Existential Haunting
This is actually a very interesting attraction in the way that it’s not exactly a jumpscare sort of thing. Instead it focuses on what’s the most frightening to a lot of people, their emotions. While going through the attraction alone, of course, each person experiences a dream-like immersive experience that forces them to delve into their own psyche. It’s unsure what exactly can be expected from Alone, but you could experience anything from being drenched in cornstarch mixture by a hazmat wearing individual to being hugged by a woman wearing a pig mask.


Scarehouse: The Basement
This is a haunted attraction based in Pittsburgh & is known as one of the best haunted houses in the US. It even got some attention from Frodo Baggins himself. To summarize what you can expect from The Basement…torture. You will hooded, restrained & have whatever fear you chose not only waved in front of your face, but shoved into it. I hear being electrocuted is fun though…


Shocktoberfest: Naked & Scared Challenge
Honestly, this is exactly what it sounds like. Participants go through the whole attraction naked…or at least they use to. Now you’re required to strip down to the smallest bit of underwear you can fit into. Actors will then heighten the experience by blasting air or water at you & in general take advantage of the fact that you’re completely vulnerable to every sensation.
At least you don’t have to worry about being scared out of your pants!…


Freakling Brothers: Trilogy of Terror
As the name suggests, there are three attractions. The Coven of 13, Castle Vampyre & The Gates of Hell. However the most extreme of the three is The Gates of Hell, so extreme in fact that they make you sign a waiver & give you a safe word. The reason for this is because throughout the experience you can expect to be dragged down halls, tossed over large men’s shoulders, licked & man handled in general.


Speaking of torture…
This is another attraction that you’re forced to walk through alone. It’s designed to make you feel uncomfortable & what better way to do that than grab you & make you walk barefoot down a hall of used condoms? How about being submerged in water & forced to eat questionable…things?


The Raven’s Nest
This attraction was closed down due to people finding it to be too extreme. During the experience you were expected to feel pain. You would also be expected to lick the ground & eat disgusting things. The actors would also liking force you to vomit by sticking their fingers down your throat. And there was no safe word.


Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie
This is an attraction that’s designed to look like something out of hell itself. Zombie women are abundant & some are even pregnant with demon babies. It’s quite possible that you can witness the birthing of one. This is not someplace you want to go to if nearly naked women & freakshow-esque entertainment offends you.


The Cult
Here you can expect cockroaches, being bound, gagged & being forced to drink urine. But don’t worry…the urine’s fake. As with nearly every extreme attraction you will be pushing, shoved & generally manhandled. This also involves…sexual situations.


The Samadhi-The 4D Death Experience
The point of this attraction is to prevent your own death. There are a series of challenges that will simulate near death experiences. If you lose, & technically even if you don‘t, you’re cremated. But since that’s illegal, you’re put in a coffin that’s shoved into a crematory oven that simulates what it’s like to be cremated.


Now if you thought that all the other attractions on this list were extreme, you’d be right. However, McKamey Manor is the most extreme & here’s why. Firstly, no one has made it through completely. The experience can last anywhere between 5-8 hours.
You will be covered in blood, whether or not it’s your own is uncertain. Power tools will be shoved in your face, a cage filled snakes, spider & other insects will be latched onto your head & you will forced to eat unknown things.
And while you may feel just a bit safer with the other attractions, this experience doesn’t have a safe word. If you decide at any point during this “ride” that you can’t handle anymore…too bad.

So that was my list of ten of the most extreme attractions. And I have to say if there was one attraction on this list that I would actually want to try, it would be Alone. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a thumbs up to let me know. Leave a comment down below telling me if you’ve been to any of these attractions or if you want to go to any of them. Don’t forget to share & subscribe for more videos like this.

See ya later!