Hello, guys! Dice Rollen here.

In the spirit of Halloween I wanted to give you guys a video where I list my very own top ten creepiest creepypastas. I want to mention that I have done some research into some of these & have found some to be proven untrue. But in this list I’m putting up the creepypastas that creeped me out instantly, whether they were real or not. So without further a due, these are my Top 10 Creepiest Creepypastas.


Dead Bart.

This one is kind of hard to explain as to why it’s this creepy to me. I don’t even watch the Simpsons but when he read this creepypasta I got the heaviness in my stomach because it was just so morbid & depressing & unnerving all at once. It wasn’t even the part about the guest stars’ gravestones that got me. It was the part where it describes Bart falling from the plane window. I don’t know I just don’t like it.


Smile Dog.

As soon as I watched the video with the narration I went ‘screw this’. But of course because I am so masochistic I watched/listened to it all the way through. And I can’t really say it was the story that got me that much. It was just the frickin’ picture. As soon as I saw it my heart just went ‘nope’ & then it got worse when I saw the second picture of what happens if you ignore it. There’s just too much nope with that one for me. I even told my mom not to open any emails that said smile dog if she got one.


Rat King.

This is another one that I listened to instead of just read for myself. And my initial reaction was just kinda grossed out a bit because of these skinless meatless rats this woman was finding. I was wondering what exactly the creepy part was & what the hell was up with this fork she saw. As soon as it got to the end, I was totally creeped out. It played with my sometimes extreme disliking of being alone & not knowing what the hell was lurking in the dark.


Scarecrow Corpse.

I first listened to this one just this year. I actually noticed it on my Youtube feed & saw it was narrated by Markiplier so I thought it wouldn’t be so bad. Bullshit… My first mistake was watching/listening to it at night, my second mistake was assuming it wouldn’t be that bad. No need for a third mistake, two is all it took. I’m usually not too creeped out by stories involving government cover up or anything like that. As a matter of fact they usually bore me. But that’s not what the creepy part is about this one. It’s the scarecrow corpse itself. To me there is just something completely unnerving about a silent & motionless humanoid thing that you just know is alive some how. And the eyes constantly staring at you…that’s just seriously messed up.


The Chanting in the Woods.

I’m the type of person who really enjoys spending time in the woods & around nature. But I’ve seen enough movies & read enough creepy shit to know it’s always that great. And this story takes my unease about what could be lurking in the dark & combines that with a sense of isolation that can come from the woods. It’s a long story but it’s actually pretty well written & very creepy.


The Lost Children of Fairfield.

Creepy stories involving children, especially when they’re the cause of fear, are probably always going to unnerve me if not freak me out. This is no exception for me. And even though this is a creepy pasta it’s unfortunately not very far from what has & could actually happen.



This is a long one, but it’s so disturbing. Even though the children involved in this story aren’t the ones to be afraid of it’s no less creepy. It also incorporates the element of creepy childhood tv shows & mask wearing psychopaths.



This one plays with that fear that I think a lot of people have about being home alone. Even if you’re an adult & you live by yourself you can still get freaked out by some things. And this is a story that takes that fear or the unknown that could be lurking outside your “safe zone” & amps it up.



This one really didn’t seem that creepy to me till I got to the end. It’s one of those with a twist ending that may not have seen coming & once you get it everything else in the story makes sense. It’s actually very well written & the hints in it will be very obvious once he read the ending. In hindsight it really shouldn’t be creepy, at least to me, but the way it’s put together makes it so creepy once you finish it.



Now obviously you guys know who he is. And even though he is a rather creepy & even frightening creature that isn’t entirely the reason why I picked him for the number one spot. What creeps & even freaks me out the most about this creepy pasta is how seriously some readers take it. You’ve already probably heard nearly all of the stories about the people who have killed or attempted to kill because of Slenderman. And honestly it’s not the stories fault. These people are mentally unstable, there’s something seriously wrong with them & Slenderman just happens to be the story that latch onto for an excuse or to focus an obsession on. So to sum it up. Why I chose Slenderman for the top spot is because of his most extreme fans. The fact that there are people out there who take the story so seriously that they are willing to kill for it. That in itself is a creepypasta

And that was my Top 10 Creepypastas video, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please like, comment, share & subscribe I really appreciate it. And just as a shameless plug, I’m planning on making a short film from my own creepy pasta called The Attic. So keep a look out for that.

See ya later.