Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with a great way to start off the month of December…with a list of some of the creepiest yuletide shit you’ve ever heard in your life! This is a list I have compiled of the top ten creepiest Christmas legends that I could find. And it’s no wonder why some of us have never heard about them before.


Elf on the Shelf.

These dolls are designed to do just what their name says. They’re “scout elves” sent to spy on households & be Santa Claus’s eyes & ears so he can tell which kids have been naughty or nice. Let me condense that, they spy on your children.
To further cement it’s creepiness, you can find videos that are uploaded as evidence that some of these dolls are known to move on their own.


Santa Claus.

Yes, that’s right. Santa made my list.
I know you’re wondering why Saint Nick himself is on this list. And I’ll answer your question with my own. Is the concept of an overly jolly old man coming down your chimney while you’re sleeping really that appealing? That’s probably why he’s been the antagonist of so many horror movies.



What do werewolves have to do with Christmas?
Well, if you were born on Christmas or even Christmas Eve it was believed that your chances of being cursed with lycanthropy were pretty damn good. But we all know that the real curse of being born on Christmas is having you birthday presents & Christmas presents combined.


Zwarte Piet.

Otherwise known as Black Peter, is St. Nick’s assistant in Holland. While the jolly old man hands out gifts, Black Peter hands out coal & sometimes a fist to the face. Some people have a big problem with him nowadays & it’s not because of his violent tendencies…I’ll give you one guess why.


Broom hiding.

Apparently Norwegians have issues with witches because they hide their brooms before going to bed on Christmas Eve to prevent witches & evil spirits from stealing them. Sometimes the men will even fire a warning shot outside to scare off any supernatural entities that might attempt mischief.



This holiday devil is known in Germany to accompany St. Nicholas & punish misbehaving children by dragging them down to the underworld.
Could you imagine what it would be like if we started including Krampus with Christmas decorations every year?



Yes, the Yule Cat who looks like he’s the Cheshire Cat’s long lost brother. He’s a monstrous cat that lurks in the snowy countryside of Iceland & eats people who haven’t received new clothes before Christmas Eve.



Another legend from Iceland, she’s also known as the Christmas Ogress. She’s the mother of the Yule Lads & owner of the Yule Cat. She possesses the ability to know when children are misbehaving & will leave her cave to hunt them down. And according to her naughty children make a great stew.


Pere Fouettard.

This French & Belgium legend also accompanies St. Nick & is known as the Whipping Father. Mostly because he carries a whip that he uses to flog naughty children with. This really wouldn’t be so creepy if it weren’t for his origin story of kidnapping three boys, slitting their throats, cutting them into pieces & stewing them in a barrel.


Frau Perchta.

She’s a German & Austrian witch who hands out rewards & punishments during the twelve days of Christmas. Her exact punishment of the sinful is to rip their organs out & replace them with garbage.

And that was my top ten creepiest Christmas legends. We’re starting the holidays off right, aren’t we?
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