The Crooked Man

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The Cooked Man Playlist

The Crooked Man Game

This was the first RPG Maker game I made a series of. Despite having quite a few technical problems(not on part of the game) I enjoyed playing it.

In the game you play as David Hoover who recently moved into an apartment after some rather difficult events in his life. However he soon realizes that there’s something not quite right about his new place & decides to investigate. You help him uncover clues about the former owner of the apartment & what happened to him. All while finding that the former tenant & David have more in common that David would like to admit.

All in all it’s a rather creepy & action oriented game that gave me some good scares. And since it’s part of the “Strange Man” series I may just be playing the other games, “The Sandman” & “The Boogie Man”.


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