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Carrie VS The Rage: Carrie 2

Hey, guys! Dice Rollen here with something a little different. Today I’m starting a new series called Original VS Sequel where I will review original horror movies & their sequel or sequels. And decide which one is better. This review will be for Carrie VS The Rage: Carrie 2. I’ll cover several different aspects of both movies & make a final decision at the end of this video. So without further ado, here is Carrie VS Carrie 2.

Let’s start with the main characters of the movies, Carrie & Rachel. Both would be your typical outcasts, but in different ways. While Carrie is shy & timid, Rachel is quiet & sassy. Rachel seems to fall a bit flat in terms of the audience connecting with her. Carrie, however, makes the audience pity her & even relate to her more.
So in this category Carrie wins.

Now, what about the supporting characters?
There are quite a few characters in both movies. But most notable are the teacher, the boyfriend, the mother & the bitch. So let’s look at the teacher first. Both teachers were supportive & wanted to help the main character. But I feel like the teacher in Carrie was more likeable. Then again the teacher in Carrie 2 had an interesting back story in that she was one of the survivors of the first movie. So in that way it’s a tie.

Now as far as the mothers go, both were crazy religious bitches. The mother in Carrie was terrifying while the mother in Carrie two was…more whimsical honestly. So point to Carrie for a mother that Norman Bates would be proud of.

In both movies these girls could be considered the antagonists. Both are total bitches, but the one in Carrie 2 honestly doesn’t do much revenge wise. She’s more focused on getting the love interest’s attention again. Meanwhile the girl in Carrie wants nothing but revenge & definitely goes to more trouble to achieve it. However short lived it is…
Point for Carrie.

Now for the boyfriends. Both do a good job of connecting with the main character & showing care towards her. They also don’t bow to peer pressure & dump her. So it’s a tie here too.

Moving on to the stories themselves. Both are obvious about an outcast with telekinetic powers who is bullied to the point of snapping. And neither are horrible at telling the story. Carrie obviously set the stage for it, but Carrie 2 tried some new things while attempting to honor the original. I’d have to say it’s a tie here.

How about the climaxes? They’re both pretty similar…& that’s the problem. I honestly would have liked to have seen Carrie 2 take a different approach to how the main character finally snaps. They tried to make it too similar to the climax of Carrie. So point goes to Carrie.

And finally let’s talk about the acting of the cast. The Carrie cast feels more real, Sissy Spacek makes for a convincingly shy outcast. And no one looks too Hollywood or pretty. In general every looks like they could actually belong in some small town. While the cast of Carrie 2 isn’t so convincing, you know most of these actors & they’re all too pretty. Not to mention the whole early 2000’s “we’re cool but moody” attitude. Point to Carrie.

So with all that being said, Carrie wins this review! It’s a much better movie than the sequel. I hadn’t even heard of Carrie 2 before & now I know why. It could’ve been better, but it tried too hard to be like the original.
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