Halloween Special 2014

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Halloween Special 2014

Hello, guys! Dice Rollen here.

In this video I’ll talk about some scary games & such. Some you may know & some you may not. Some are from stories, some are from horror movies & some are just passed around on the internet. In any case it’s gonna fun, so here we go.

How about we start off with a popular one. Bloody Mary. Now supposedly if you say Bloody Mary three times in a row with the lights turned off she appears.

We use cell phones all the time. Maybe we use them a little too much. Calling, texting, surfing the web. Normal stuff, nothing to worry about. Unless you know how to use it to contact another realm of existence. Apparently it’s just as easy as dialing a number. Unfortunately you can’t do it with this kind of phone. You need one of those old rotary phones, but no one has one of those anymore.

If you go to a theater a lot or even once in a while you know the rules & how to be respectful. No loud talking, turn your phone off, don’t open food with a noisy wrapper, stuff like that. But, did you know there was another rule. Above all other rules that you must obey while in a theater, you must not say one particular word. Macbeth. It’s said that if you say Macbeth while in any theater, it will literally kill you. Only actors who are performing the famous play may say the word when following the script. You can blame Shakespeare himself for this curse.

If you watch horror movies you know that bathroom are hardly ever safe. Even if you don’t watch horror movies, you know how dangerous showers can be because of Psycho. But being comfortable or stupid enough to have a one eyed ghost named Daruma take a bath with you? That’s some next level shit. Remember that the next time you’re washing your hair.

Ever wish you could play Hide & Seek by yourself? Well, good news all you need is a possessed doll. Apparently it’s pretty easy to make one. Creepy ass doll(I recommend a cabbage patch doll) & pieces of your own body, you know typical stuff. The fun part is when you hide some place in your house that you hope is safe while the now possessed & possibly blood thirsty doll hunts your ass down in the dark.

The next time someone asks you if you want to play a game, the instant they suggest monopoly smack that shit away & tell them you’re playing a real game. A game where your lives are quite literally on the line. In this game you invite a shadowy figure named The Midnight Man into your house & try to avoid him for about 3 & a half hours. Oh, did I mention you can’t have any lights on & your only source of light is a candle? What happens if that candle goes out?

Here’s another classic ‘stupid teenager scaring’ item. The Ouji board. This one I’ve always had around the house but never actually used. The whole idea of this is everybody puts about two fingers on this pointer thing & they take turns asking questions to whatever spirits might be around. But usually this is just muscle spasms & nerve impulses that cause it to move.

See ya later!


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