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This was the first horror game I played on my channel, back when I had no clue what the hell I was doing. And it’s an odd little point & click style puzzle game on Armor Games.It’s in first person perspective & you’re the soon to be victim of a masked serial killer who kidnaps women. You’re objective is to explore your environment to find objects & solve puzzles that will get you closer to escaping your early demise. You also come across notes & clues from previous victims.

I hadn’t been expecting very much from this game, but it was kind of fun to play through & I even got my first jumpscare from it. However there were a few rather frustrating things about it. Like the valves, dear god… They’re harder than hell to turn the way you need to turn them with a mouse of any kind.

But in the end I finished the game, which I know took me much longer than it should’ve, & got a sneak peek of the sequel to it. I don’t really think I’ll be doing a let’s play of Killer Escape 2 though.


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